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Let's STOP the spread of misinformation about operative DPS (high OR low!)

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Let's STOP the spread of misinformation about operative DPS (high OR low!)
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05.24.2012 , 09:09 AM | #181
Bump back to P1, but also an update on my Lethality trial.

I respec'd back to Concealment yesterday because I was finding the solo play of Lethality too slow - but it is definitely a fun and viable spec from what I experienced. My parses were fairly close behind my Conc parses (in the mid-1200 dps range), and I suspect with the 15% boost below 30% they would have been on par.

The energy game is very different as Lethality - definitely harder, but slightly more forgiving of minor mistakes. Damage-wise the devil is in the detail with Lethality. Optimising cooldown use has a big impact on this spec, and trying to stick to a fixed priority system is almost impossible when multiple cooldowns collide. This is what annoyed me the most with the spec - even more than the energy issues which forced me to use way more RS, but also way more Overload Shot than I'm accustomed to as Concealment.

So some tips to dedicated Lethality players (I'm looking at you Kukulkan ):
  • Apply CD before CG. In my various trials and paper+pen scribblings it appears that CD > WB > CG is the best way to get those three CD's rolling. The resulting pattern avoids cooldown conflicts for something like 108 seconds.
  • Try to line up WB > Cull > Shiv > Cull as often as possible. Cull gets boosted by WB, so if you can get 2 off during the debuff it is quite a significant DPS gain (I didn't manage to perfect this, but when I started trying my DPS went up by 70 - 100 over a 15 min parse).
  • Keep Backstab on cooldown as much as possible - it is still awesome.
  • It appears to be better to cap energy for 1 GCD than to use Overload Shot when you have >1 high priority ability coming off cooldown in < 3 seconds. Cull > Shiv > Cull for example is a major energy drain but you can stay in the top regen zone if you are above ~92 energy at the start

There's some good info in this thread which was bumped recently (I had forgotten about it). My DPE values came out slightly differently, but this is possibly just due to gearing differences.
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