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Duel Restricted Zones...

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Duel Restricted Zones...

lebenharvest's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 07:38 AM | #1
So dueling is restricted to zones with No Or Low lvl players that DO NOT want to duel.

the only area players are willing to duel are the places like Empire Fleet. Which is s duel restricted zone GG.

I bought the game so that I could duel with friends and we cant even duel in the main Safe zones.

I am not willing to pay money for a game that I can not even duel. The Main reason I bought the game....

If I would have known you cant even duel I would have kept my money. Considering what was done to PVP healing. Making warzones Pointless for healer specs like SORC I'm about to call it and not pick up a subscription.

What is the point of disallowing players to duel in an area they are standing around doing Nothing....

Why should we have to go Out of our way to a remote location Just to Freaking Duel ***....
Squadron 11-11-11