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Lackluster mechanics in the flashpoints?

goatfoam's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 05:49 PM | #11
It's the first few flashpoints. They're meant to be fairly simple - here's the thing, you and I and probably most of the people on these boards have done this whole hotbar MMO thing before. But not everybody has our experience and BioWare would be failing if they threw out the difficulty curve. Can you imagine the rage if Kael'thas style mechanics were found in Black Talon? New players would be completely overwhelmed, probably yelled at by some of the less socially skilled members of our hobby, and likely quit out of frustration.

I actually think TOR does quite a good job of gradually introducing staple mechanics quite quickly throughout the first few FPs, starting with simple not standing in the fire and progressing to add control in Hammer and then in Athiss you get introduced to Kael's phoenixes.

Yeah it's simple for veterans but give it time.

Difficulty curve. You need one for a good game.

Lymain's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 06:05 PM | #12
I've got no complaints about the mechanics through Mandalorian Raiders. I guess the mechanics for the boss of Athiss are simple if you know what to expect, but my group did not, so it took us some pulls to figure it out. For example, our healer was a hybrid who could not cure, so we had to use a companion to cure the super DoT (we were doing it with 3 players). If we had been veterans of the game, it would not have been an issue, but as it is, the game did a fairly good job of essentially teaching us how to play.

Hopefully the content will get tougher as the game progresses, but you can't assume new players know the ins and outs of your game. As others have posted, there should be a difficulty curve, and, naturally, the end game content in older games is going to be further along that curve.