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Unable to see red marks on ground on 2nd boss in EC?

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Unable to see red marks on ground on 2nd boss in EC?

andrew_b_gross's Avatar

04.14.2012 , 05:05 PM | #1
Our guild ran 16 man EC last night, and on the 2nd boss (two tanks), when the red circles spawn on the ground everywhere, we had multiple people who were completely unable to see them. These are people I've raided with through Nightmare mode content, they're not stupid or bad, and we've never had any problem with people blaming mistakes on bugs in the past. I'm talking 3 our of 16 people on multiple attempts (always the same ones). So I'm pretty certain the red spots legitimately weren't appearing on their screens.

I can't find any mention of a bug like this anywhere-- not by using google, not in the Customer Service forum, not in this forum. I'd expect to see people complaining all over the place if this was at all common.


(1) Anyone have any generic suggestions for graphics settings that might clear something like this up?

(2) Anyone have a theory other than "graphics bug" and "poor play"?

Thanks in advance.
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