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SWTOR Sith Roleplay Guild!(READ!!!)

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SWTOR Sith Roleplay Guild!(READ!!!)

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04.14.2012 , 04:08 PM | #1
I am thinking of Starting up a Guild on the server, Warriors of the Shadow, and it will be a Role-Play guild, now by role-play I mean we will have a story, we will be called "Siths of Anarchy" Or something around that, meaning we broke away from the Imperials, and Siths reign, we are our own, (Must like the Revanites on Dromund Kaas we are wanted by the Imp's, and Sith.) And I will be the leader, (FYI We will all be starting new characters on the server so we can all level together) I will be a Sith Sorcerer, and I will lead our guild, now, We will need

2 Imperial Agent Operatives
1 Imperial Agent Sniper
1 or 2 Sith Assassins
1 Juggernaut
and more to come if I think of what else we might need, now, with the roleplay side of this, lets say for example, we could be like (Lets say the Agents are called Alpha Squad) it would be like this,

We enter a cave together, (About to do a heroic, but we are RP'ing) We are all looking around, the Agents are walking behind us, covering our backs, while we sith's are walking up front, once we get Oh-so far in the cave, I will say somthing like "Alpha Squad, hold here and watch our back, make sure nothing gets through" (Dont worry you wont be there long) We the siths will rush up forward and fight 3-4 mobs, then call the squad forward to come along with us, now if this heroic has more then 1 objective, that involves, lets say Killing 25 droids, and collecting 2 runes, I will say "Alpha Squad, we will rid the area of droids, you and your men (I will be setting a squad leader) go secure a perimeter around the runes." then we'd make it happen.

Another big thing for me is that we cant use our Companions when we are RP'ing unless I send you on a solo quest, lets say for EX. to get get 300 credits for the guild, or somthing like that.

1. Use Proper grammar.
2. When RP'ing use proper greeting, Sir, mam, Lord, Sergeant, etc. etc.
3. No Companions unless I send you on a Solo-Quest,
4. Respect all,
5. Must be active,
6. Must have Steam. (
7. Have fun and RP!

If your interested in joining please add me on steam! thelazylolita is my username!
Thanks everyone, hope to RP with you guys!


04.16.2012 , 01:00 AM | #2
Seriously? No "God" complex there, is there? "I wil define everything you do," isn't going to draw a lot of applicants, guy...
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04.18.2012 , 02:58 AM | #3
This isn't a guide, it's a recruitment notification. I'm pretty sure most RP'ers arn't going to like being told EXACTLY what to do all the time.

I noticed you have posted this notification earlier with no feedback. Trying to be polite as possible, it might be worth reviewing your aims of your guild.

Best of luck,


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