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Warzone Commendations - Not enough

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Warzone Commendations - Not enough

SawKrates's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 11:27 PM | #1
We need the amount of warzone commendations earned to go back to how it was 1.2.
earning 20 in a loss and 80 for a ownage is simply to low.
The grind to get all this gear will discourage players from gearing alts.
Also the sub 50 pvp gear prices need to drop back to what they used to be.
900 points for a weapon is ridiculous especially when you avarage 45 a game.
The old way deff helped out the leveling process and deff made it more fun, cause you could gear nicely without having to grind too much.
Not sure of the purpose, of this nerf.
Did Bio Ware not like that we were leveling too fast? Dont hate on our sweet leveling skills
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runback's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 11:33 PM | #2
I dont like it at all. I really dont even feel like playing pvp anymore. The time spent does not equal a good return, especially considering how lopsided the games tend to be. Tonight, is the the first time where i'm playing because I have to, not so much because i want to.

BW screwed the pooch big time on this. I was loving this game last week, not so much anymore. I hoped this gets changed soon. I'm not gonna cry that i'm unsubbing, because i'm not, but all i can say is my joy for the game has diminished by a huge margin.

I can only control what I do. I cannot control having idiots for teammates. Its not a good system and i cant even begin to imagine how anyone from BW thought this was good.

wessik's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 11:35 PM | #3
for 50+:

pre 50:
i think the pre 50 gear prices should have stayed the same, not doubled in 1.2
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JMCH's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 11:40 PM | #4
The low level gearing issue is the most absurd of all.

At level 14, you simply can't have 900 WZ comms without overcapping your max Valor, which doesn't make sense.

Same is true for lvl 20 armor/accessory pieces, less critical for lvl 40 gear which could be fine if there weren't far faster other ways to obtain an equivalent piece.

kanun's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 11:41 PM | #5
Hello swtor players. I have calculated the needed warzones commendations ( I suppose that you have full battlemaster gear ) to get full war hero gear...

30 warzone commendations = 10 ranked warzone commendation

Ranked warzone commendation needed :

2.225 + 2.425 + 3.475 + 2.000 + 3.200 + 2.000 + ( 1.425 x 4 ) + 3.475 + 1.250 = ?

" + " + " + " + " + " + " + " + " = " 25.750"

10 ranked warzone commendations 30 warzone commendations
25.750 ranked warzone commendations ?

The answer is, ? = " 77.250 " warzone commendations

Yes swtor pvp lovers ( players ), you don't see it wrong we need total 77.250 warzone commndations...

This means "forget your real life and play 24 hours for 3-4 months at least ( if you play non-stop ) ".

The income of warzone commendations are already decreased ( you cannot win all matches ;so, with every losed match you will get realy less warzone commendations ).

Even we do daily and weekly pvp quests regularly we cannot gather a full war hero gear within 4 months... It is sadly realy but its bioware reality unfortunately. I have never seen that much non-sense pvp gear grinding .

I said if we play 24 hours non-stop but you will not go to find warzone matches in the mornings and the midday, what I want to say , you will wait long time to enter warzones.

I realy don't get BW that what are they trying to do it? Even we love star wars , we cannot able to get/make their war hero gear. I think that BW has much free time at their country therefore they bringing these kind of new patch features... Anyway thank you for reading my thead at swtor pvp.