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PVP Hate

Blinkdog's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 08:55 PM | #1
The fact that there is no leaving warzone early penality is killing my want to play this game.

First off it screws eveyone else on your team who is trying to win. Congrats for your effort but your team just lost thanks to one person who decides he has somthing else he would rather be doing.

Seccond is that anyone joining the match is not only joining a lossing match, but it won't even count unless you can get 4 medals pronto. Not very likly for most classes

So why the hell isn't there a penalty in the game?

30 min penalty where they can't join another WZ is a must!

Tough break for the one guy that gets disconnected mid match, stuff happens. But it's a harder break on the 7 guys still in the match that you've doomed to a lose.

I can't even get my dailies done due to continously joining matches because someone left, or I join losing matches already in progress and it not counting cause i can't get 4 medals in the last 2 mins of the match so it dosn't even count.

This game is shaping up to be ONE BIG WASTE OF ******** Time.