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Why PvP is Broken

Darkfjord's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 08:45 PM | #1
I am on the server "Mask of Nihilus". I play a republic sage. On our Server the faction imbalance is roughly 4-1, naturally there are more skilled PvP'rs on the imperial side just in the numbers game.

Previous to 1.2 the warzone completion for the republic ratio was roughly win 1 lose 5, repeat. This was difficult to bear, however you could still finish your dailies (most times in multiple days) and have a clear gear progression path.

Queue in patch 1.2. My first two warzones were rofl stomp pwn fests.. i couldnt even do damage to anyone. I ended up with 6-8 metals and i gained..... 30-40 wz commendations.... So now we enter the hole we inevitably get into. The republic cant win because we aren't as geared (or quantity of skilled players vs new players). Since we cant win, we clearly cant get commendations at a reasonable rate. The republic have quickly caught on to this trend, leaving warzones early since staying in a losing warzone literally gets you next to nothing (why stay, i cant blame them too much). Every warzone i get into now ends midway with me and maybe two other players... its like a mass exodus. At this current rate it will take weeks to get one piece of gear. All while the empire is gearing daily.

Most people are flipping to the imperial side, i cant say i blame them for that either. We are considering moving our guild to the dark side... we are out of options. I myself am considering quitting the game as the imperial side does not interest me in the least and playing 15-20 warzones just to win 3 is not what i consider a fun time.

How do we fix this and move forward? I have a few suggestions. First, we need to increase the commendations for a loss or what is the incentive to stay in a losing WZ... Quiters are bad for the game - everyone loves a good come-back. Im not suggesting making it equal to a win, just worth while staying. Second, as on many if not all the servers - faction imbalance is awful. We need to make an incentive for players to play republic. A thought would be instead of wins to complete the dailies, for the republic side change it to warzones played (like 5 or so). Second, increase the commendations gained on the republics side, like double the rate of the imperial. Of course this is a temporary solution until the factions are more balanced (don't worry imps, you wont even notice).

Something needs to be done, the general chat on the republic fleet is disheartening and sad. You can see the disappointment and down right despair. Nothing but negativity without even a glimpse of hope.

Note to any Imperial players reading this. Unless you really like huttball, you might want to consider being a part of the solution - roll a republic, we aren't so bad

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04.13.2012 , 08:55 PM | #2
AGREED! I was looking forward to 1.2 as I am sure many people were. I tried a few wz's on my sage and got chewed to bits by the imperials. I have no idea how I am going to gear up when I can't win a wz. My daily and weekly still sit at 0/3, and 0/9. I have a lvl 50 for Ops, and play my Sage for pvp on the downtime. I no longer have any desire to pvp the way it is now. I probably won't be logging in much if not for Ops on my main.

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04.13.2012 , 09:14 PM | #3
Faction imbalance has almost nothing to do with the pvp issues, 1024 or 16 players participating warzones will earn exactly the same amount of Valor and commendations each assuming they play the same with the same classes and there is no rage quit (although this one is a double bladed sword) and previous abuse.

What pisses me after looking at a log I just recorded is healing is just a joke now, I don't know how I could still pull the 75k medal when most of the healing done is... passive.

That's why operatives are so much overperforming mercs now, well playing sorc still have their almost free ubah passive healing too and have not suffered much.

Healing done was ~110k with 30k overheal on top of that (most of it being self-heals after target dropped...), of which :

- 38% were big heals
- 16% were instant
- 14% were small heals
- 13% were HoTs (kolto barrier and proactive)

If we remove the "dead target overheal", passive accounts for almost 25% of all heals... and that's without playing well at all, I know I should have used kolto barrier alot more, but since we were losing to a bad high rank team (probably thinking they play well while they play like the most retarded pugs and have the stuff advantage) anyway, I went to play with my arsenal and dealt 60k damage.

What about healing received? 75k, of which half were passive heals.

Edit : for those that could wonder, highest damage done on our side was just twice mine... yes, that's sad.

KaloVassa's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 09:27 PM | #4
In general, I've noticed sage/sorc as a whole was just destroyed. I have a sorc, have had since day 1, and used to do pretty well in pvp. Now I'm lucky if I get 10 kills and break 100k damage. I can't solo hardly anyone anymore, and healers are virtually immortal anymore.

I didn't think the nerf would hit us this bad, but combined with the buffs most of the other classes got, we're finished. I've been a die hard bioware fan for years, but I feel really let down this time. Thanks for killing my class, BW

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04.13.2012 , 10:24 PM | #5

You'd be right until you consider the 1024 can get pre-mades up, while the 16 can't. 8 probably aren't even on, and 4 don't even pvp. Then 3 of the remaining 4 suck.

So in a system where a loss = 0 commendations + whatever you can scrap up from medals, you're going to lose most of the time, because those pre-mades will steamroll the opposition.

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04.13.2012 , 10:31 PM | #6
I have to agree with you.
40 is FAR too few for losing a match.

For all the haters here is why:
1. It makes getting BM gear PAINFULLY slow.

2. It does not cover the "cost" of participating in PVP. ( eg. Consumable such as warzone medpack, warzone expertise adrenals ) They are 20 comms EACH. And you use 4 to 6 of EACH in any given warzone.

3. Some matches are over so fast that its impossible to even get 4 medals. For all the haters roll on a low pop server and find out yourself.

4. Some matches are 4 vs 8 on low pop OR faction imbalanced servers. when 2 people gang up on you, chain stun and kill you...repeatedly...its neigh impossible to get 4 medals. WORST of all they get a BONUS for "winning" fast. For you haters, go roll on a low pop server and experience it for yourself.
Squadron 367

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04.13.2012 , 10:45 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Merovingiana View Post
@JMCHYou'd be right until you consider the 1024 can get pre-mades up, while the 16 can't. 8 probably aren't even on, and 4 don't even pvp. Then 3 of the remaining 4 suck.
Low pop, unless it's very low, have an higher probability of premade groups/big pvp guilds.

I used to play DAoC on Broceliande and for sure, there were premades or assimilated on the low population side, in fact it even was the most prolific on that front.

Now, I still agree with you, but considering the social side of SWToR is inexistant, for many reasons going from poor design choices to in-game goals.

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04.13.2012 , 11:10 PM | #8
Further insult.... I just hoped on my lower level 27 to see how the -49 pvp is. We lost and I got zero XP... this makes PvP an even worse form of leveling your character... that HAS to be an oversight?!? I mean even if you fail and die while PvE leveling and questing you still get XP...