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Legacy Promotion now expanded

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Legacy Promotion now expanded
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06.01.2012 , 05:34 AM | #1151
Quote: Originally Posted by Shaggggy View Post
All said and done, the 30 day give away is not legal IMO as it's based solely on leveling, that is 'discrimination' as the game openly promotes exploration and time consuming crafting/gathering/guilds/datacrom hunting/create several characters/PvP/RP servers etc that has not suited many players it seems?

You could get into trouble Bioware for this and you could get stuck with plaintifs costs as well, that'll be alot of cash if ppl bring legal action singlulary not to mention the 30day free subs, possible damages etc. You need to sack your legal team imo, you didn't even give away free double xp to try and get it sorted

I think it would have been more advisable to base the promotion on hours played and not on ppl's gaming style,

Boohoo -- you going to report them?

I didn't get my free month but I'm not whining