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Heavy and Medium social gear, not adaptive

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Heavy and Medium social gear, not adaptive

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04.13.2012 , 12:04 PM | #1
Players have been asking for medium and heavy versions of the social gear available at social vendors since release. Because it is all light armour, the only classes that can use this gear are Inquisitors and Consulars.

Recently this was mentioned

Quote: Originally Posted by GeorgZoeller View Post
Sadly, for 1.2. it will stay light armor.

We are currently working on what we call 'adaptive gear' technology for a future Game Update (hopefully 1.3) which will make social equipment morph to the correct armor type for a player. Together with the ability to infuse mod slots into existing gear, this will make social gear a completely viable option when it rolls out.
This feels a bit like what is often referred to as developer 'gold plating.' While it does sound like cool stuff, I don't see the benefit to players that this adaptive gear technology provides, and I think most players would much rather have light, medium and heavy versions of social gear today than a promise for adaptive gear in 3-4 months.