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Win a Life-Sized Figure of Darth Malgus

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Win a Life-Sized Figure of Darth Malgus
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04.13.2012 , 11:28 AM | #11
Why would anyone want this? O_O
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NasherUK's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 11:29 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Elladan View Post
Would be nice if they approximated the shipping cost so I'd know what I'd be in for.
Not sure about the US, but shipping something like that just within in the UK would be well over 100 I bet.

NickM's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 11:29 AM | #13
If we win, we have to pay for shipping and taxes on that thing...

I'm guessing that's gonna run at least a solid $1K right there.

MistressKiki's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 11:30 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by NasherUK View Post
Not sure about the US, but shipping something like that in the UK would be well over 100 I bet.
It is only open to those in the US flower so international shipping rates are irrelevant

GamewizX's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 11:30 AM | #15
Shipping is probably a couple hundred bucks... But I could use the money from the statue so I'll enter the contest. Probably can get $3k-4k or so for it.
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SvendSvin's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 11:30 AM | #16
Come on, at least edit the post to state it is only open to US residents..

(And yes, i knew it was for US only before i clicked the link.. When is it not??)
- SvendSvin

DarthWoad's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 11:30 AM | #17
lmao this is an actual joke right. You post this on today of all days. Were still not happy nice try

MonsterrLuv's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 11:30 AM | #18

Having a life-sized Darth in my house? Win.
Having a life-sized Darth that won't fit in your room because the ceiling goes only to like 6 feet? THIS WILL BE INTERESTING.
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Jadan's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 11:30 AM | #19
Sell it on ebay and hire more game testers.

Talahar's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 11:31 AM | #20
Of course it's US only. bleh.