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1.2 destroyed my gear.. ***

Niconogood's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 10:22 AM | #1
I mean seriously ***... I log on in wild anticipation of 1.2, and what do I see....

Well, both my 2 full sets of BM gear have been completely destroyed. Im lacking 25 expertise + alot of other stats pr piece compared to the PvP vendor set, also I find that my 9 banked BM commendations are now useless.

Yes, I have modded the acc/alac. enchancments for power/surge/crit in the past, and so have several of my ingame friends who experienced the same *****.

Thats pretty evil BW. Im starting to question your motivation for being being developers. Most other games Ive played, the devs have been trying to keep the playerbase playing by doing changes that makes them happy. You just seem to go out of your way to find new ways to grief and torment your own paying customers.

You should seriously revisit your businessplan and see if this is actually the intended goal by your investors, cause I suspect some of you misread something somewhere there...
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