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Unlockable Races

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04.13.2012 , 06:33 AM | #1
Hey All, Really enjoying 1.2 so far, but I have a suggestion which I would like some feedback on.

So the legacy system enables you to unlock a race for a character you have played to level 50 for all the other classes. This I think is great, as it enables you to make a character in that race to fit into your legacy, be it as a sibling, spouse, child e.t.c

My issue with it is this. If your first character is a Human, and you then make someone who is his son, that character will not unlock a new race. It makes sense for your characters ancestors, brothers and sisters, even spouse, to be of the same race.

My suggestion would be for each level 50 character you unlock, you are able to choose one race to unlock for all the other classes.

This would enable you to keep your legacy as a proper family tree, say an entire family of Sith Purebloods, without preventing yourself from making a rival to your Sith inquisitor who is, say a non-force sensitive brother who has become a smuggler or whatever because you would be worried that by doing so, to unlock other class combos you would need to level something that actually doesn't really fit in your legacy.


I suggest rather than having to level a character of a particular race to level 50 to unlock it, upon getting a character to 50 you then choose a race to unlock for other combos, as it doesn't then prevent you from making a true 'family tree' of characters of the same race, nor does it force you to make characters of completely random races with a view to achieving unlocks.

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04.13.2012 , 06:35 AM | #2
Humans give you a 100 presence boost. This is pretty good, I think
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