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MMO Noob, Help With Quickslots (For Healers)

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MMO Noob, Help With Quickslots (For Healers)

Kalevera's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 11:39 AM | #11
I keybind. My right bar has all my "letter" keybinds like Q, E, R, F, etc. I use these for my stuns/CC/CD abilties.

My top bar still has the default keybinds of 1 through = and I have all my healing abilities here.

My bottom bar has Shift+1 through Shift+= which is shift+12, I use a razer naga. All of my offensive abilities are located on this bar.

I left the companion abilities at default with Ctrl+ whatever.

I don't have my left bar filled with anything but eventually it'll be my Alt+whatever bar. Currently, I expand my companion's abilities on the left bar.