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Recruit PvP gear viable for PvE

Aliman's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 01:45 AM | #1
Hello all,

Just a quick question:

I'm making a gear up guide for our guild and was wondering what to tell fresh level 50's. Is it viable to actually just go and buy Recruit PvP gear and start doing flashpoints HM and Operation NM in hunt for columi armor... Or would you still recommend doing daily for epic armorings, mods and enhencments ??

When i compare recruit combat medic helmet on torhead with columi combat medic helmet this is difference:

Recruit Combat Medic's Helmet
Binds on Pickup
788 Armor (Rating 128)
Durability: 120/120

Total Stats:
+59 Aim
+67 Endurance
+69 Expertise Rating
+42 Critical Rating
+42 Surge Rating

Item Modifications
Augment: Open
Requires Level 50
Requires Heavy Armor

Columi Combat Medic's Helmet
Binds on Pickup
836 Armor (Rating 136)
Durability: 120/120

Total Stats:
+105 Aim
+123 Endurance
+29 Critical Rating
+48 Surge Rating

Augment: Open
Requires Level 50
Requires Heavy Armor

I'm very unsure what to suggest to our fresh level 50's.

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04.13.2012 , 01:49 AM | #2
no way is it worth it, even lvl 49-50 mod orange gear is better than recruit, however saying that i have just ditched all my centurian + champ gear for recruit. so much more expertise on recruit gear.

but i would definatly prefer my guys to use orange modded gear than recruit for starting up.
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04.13.2012 , 05:10 AM | #3

was thinking it would have been easier for them to just join in directly on hard mode flashpoint action if they could just buy what they needed to start, instead of grind it for some days.

But i guess i will have to figure out something else then.

SoraQuasar's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 06:21 AM | #4
Recriute gear is deffinetly NOT for PVE content, its stats are VERY low. the only good thing about is that fresh lvl 50s can buy it and get straight into warzones [PVP] and that is it.

they can use a full lvl 49 orange moded gear, the mods they can get by doing dailys or buying them. but dont go let them in a HM FP with recruite gear, they will be usless. you can also do the normal [story mod] of the PF and get some tionese crystals and buy tionese gear [and also gear em up with the gear that drops there] all of these choises are much BETTER then Recriute, that from the beginning was only made for pvp to let fresh 50s to get into the action fast.

Another advice, if you have some geared players in your guild, take the most geared once with the freshies [like 2-3 geared and the rest fresh] and walk them through the PFs. and trust me, we finished most of PFs in around an hour or 30 min depending on the FP. you can rotaite the members like that. but all this is achivable when guildies are ready to help eachother instead of doing thier own thing with their time. but it does help and in a week most of the freshies will be mostly geared.

thats what we done early on in our guild to get ready for ops an just easily gear some people up.

hope that helps
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