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1.2 = Fall of SWTOR

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04.13.2012 , 10:39 AM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by Dahakas View Post
So your guild couldn't clear the new OP in the first day, it's QQ time?

This is the difficulty the majority were asking for since launch. I find it refreshing the only guilds that were able to clear it were the ones that have already worked on it FOR A MONTH on PTS.

As far as tanks go, ...Juggs were buffed, so your point is completely invalid.
^^ I feel like I love you..

Glad to know that lots of others enjoy having something that is truly challenging (and I haven't even tried the ops yet).

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04.16.2012 , 09:39 AM | #72
im not going to say that SW:TOR is gonna fail or whatever but i dont think i personally will be playing for much longer... PVP keeps getting the shaft in this game and im really getting tired of it. PVE'ers since launch have gotten multiple ops and end game flashpoints. since launch pvp has punished hardcore pvp'rs who put in the time and got equipment/valor the hard way only to find fresh 50's with the same gear 2 weeks later. We have essentially lost illum after it was finally realized that it was seriously flawed (i thought there was beta testing going on) then nerfed it to being pointless.. and we gained a total of 1 WZ, which after playing 10 or so wz's i have yet to see pop.. we were promised 8 man ranked pvp, now even that has been put back to "coming soon" status. 1.2 was supposed to revitalize my interest in this game, but all it as done is show me how far short this game keeps coming when compared to my expectations. If its possible to come out with a fully voiced and cohesive story driven flashpoint/op/etc for endgame pve, how is it that hard to come out with a wz every month or so as well? i would imagine that ops/fps take a lot more effort than a map with objectives, or hell even deathmatch maps with no objectives... i am seriously considering unsub until 8 man AND cross server pvp... im gonna stop here before i spend all morning ranting.

(p.s. i find PVE boring after doing it once or twice on HM/NM since pve content in this game is laughably easy... switching to pve in the meantime is not really an option, id rather read a book or go outside.... yuck)

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04.16.2012 , 09:47 AM | #73
I think bioware did a great job with 1.2. The majority of the changes have been posative for the community as a whole. The new pve content is fantastic and the changes to the pvp gear have separated the requirements of the two play types. I understand that people are upset about pvp changes including that of illum. But i think that illum will eventually be something great. People just need to understand that prerelease ideas can easily be broken once us gamers get our hands on it. Patience or gl elsewhere.
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04.16.2012 , 09:49 AM | #74
Quote: Originally Posted by Layenem View Post
So you buff up dps classes generally by about 15-30%... Awesome.

BUT you nerf all tank classes ability to maintain agro EXCEPT the Shadow... Fail.

You increase Scoundrel's ability to heal... Awesome.

You KILL the Commando and Sage healers for anything harder than normal mode flashpoints... Fail.

What exactly was the thought process in the nerfs? Sages have no way to regain lost force and you took away their only ability to do so (yes you can spec down to 13% health vs 15% to regain but the sage now has to spend more time OFF of the tank...)

The commando's ammo regen is dead. On top of that you killed their ability to remove debuffs effectively by removing the 2 second spec they could knock off of it.

I'm running full Rakata+ (Columi gear with augment slots) in a raid force and I'd call us pretty dagon functional. Yet we can't even kill LR-5 in HM Lost Island. I've got plenty of video that can show we are taking full advantage of the setup but this boss goes beyond nuts when <20-25% (I won't even get in to it). We are the third best raid force on our server (which isn't saying much do to population) but when the best raid forces can't even manage to get this LR-5 down there's a huge issue. Closest we got was just below 4k health left.

This is ridiculous. I just got the in game mail for a free 30 days... big whoop. I can't tell you how much I hate WoW but it's the only viable game to play now and it's BORING. But hey, at least you can kill stuff in that game. Oh and "story mode meant for the casual raid guild to see raid content..." is at best a bold faced lie and at worst either a showing of stupidity on the people who lead the development teams and their inability to ensure quality control OR you thought the PTS results where too "good" so you made it impossible. Last I checked you did flashpoint type zones to prepare for raids not the other way around...

It's disgusting. Oh and I won't even get in to the failed legacy... you know all that stuff you said we'd have that are now under the "soon to come" menu... PLUS the "you can buy these things with your legacy levels OR credits" but that's a fail because it's requirements PLUS credits...

1.2 Fall of nubs

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04.16.2012 , 10:43 AM | #75
Quote: Originally Posted by AnEvilBus View Post
"So you buff up dps classes generally by about 15-30%... Awesome."
you seen operatives? they are negative if anything

facts people use facts
Yes that's a fact, ops dmg did go down. Still on par with the top dps classes in game tho.

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04.16.2012 , 10:43 AM | #76
We finished HM Lost Isles in about an hour and a half learning as we went.

Group Comp

-Assassin Tank = Full Rakata (Augment Chest / MH / Belt / Bracers)
-Merc DPS = Full Rakata
-Marauder DPS = Full Rakata
-Sorcerer Healer = 126 Gear from daily quests

It was an excellent time and the entire group felt challenged, I'd give it a 4/5 in difficulty.

Normal mode is there for a reason. Play the difficulty that suits your group.
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