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Companion parameters

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04.12.2012 , 06:26 PM | #1
I realize this has likely been suggested already, and implementation would probably take ages, but I really feel that a Dragon Age-esque parameter system for companion abilities would improve the questing experience, particularly in regards to healing. I currently have a level 50 Sith Assassin and a level 25 Powertech. In both cases, my companion has nothing but his or her healing abilities active, yet often decides to break out basic attacks when I most need them to focus on support. In a situation in which I'm at, for example, 30% health, I would love to be able to have Mako set to ignore absolutely everything else and focus on heals. This is by no means a huge deal, but there are times in which I find myself wanting a bit more control over how my companions react to various situations in battle.

I will qualify this suggestion by admitting that I'm new to the MMO genre in general, and I realize that there are certain styles of play that may alleviate the problem to a certain degree. Still, I think that a system similar to (if less detailed than) Dragon Age would be a cool way for players to further customize their game experience.

Once again, this is a very, very minor gripe in what has otherwise been a great ride.