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Bioware why the ninja nerf to death from above?

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Bioware why the ninja nerf to death from above?
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04.25.2012 , 09:49 PM | #171
Quote: Originally Posted by Epiphany-Rising View Post
Actually reducing the radius is not fine.

Sorcerer Force Storm radius 8 meters.

Imperial Agent Orbital Strike radius 8 meters.

We used to be the same now we're AOE second class citizens radius wise. An AOE that hits diddly compared to others is a pretty limited AOE.

Oh but you have Explosive Dart and Fusion Missile you say, yes, we do but they have limited radius and limited number of targets that they hit.

Sorcs can spam Force Storm and pretty much never loose force (in fact mine gains casting it).

I have no issue with the cooldown (yes I wish it was about 15 seconds shorter but still it's acceptable) but killing the radius and effectively doing less damage per hit (allowing things to get out of the way or attack stuff instead of maybe killing them with the first or second shot) is a rude awakening.

Bioware, equal rights for Bounty Hunter AOE is needed.
Ya this is what I also really don't understand. I made a post asking why other classes radius wasn't brought down along with the Bounty Hunters. That just does not make sense to me why BH was the only class that they did this to.

Getting really frustrated with this and the Bounty Hunter Merc class now.
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