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Bioware why the ninja nerf to death from above?

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Bioware why the ninja nerf to death from above?
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04.13.2012 , 01:50 PM | #101
Quote: Originally Posted by dardack View Post
<snip> quit. I really don't care. .
I think you will care when he quits because I doubt you want to see the SWTOR population fall off anymore then it already has.....

This isn't about one player quitting it's about people leaving in Exodus Age of Conan style.

Almost every PvP server out there was a ghost town aside from Fatman.

If 1.2 stays how it is now you can bet in 30 days it's going to be incredibly worse.

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04.13.2012 , 01:50 PM | #102
Quote: Originally Posted by Galvatron View Post
You reduced the radius of Death form Above which was fine but now you ninja nerfed the damage by 30-40%. PLEASE EXPLAIN YOURSELF.


Apparently you missed the several threads about it on PTS.

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04.13.2012 , 01:51 PM | #103
From a purely PVE standpoint, this hurts significantly. The best way to kill the little robot adds on karagga fight was just to pop DFA. With this change you'll be lucky to hit one of them.

As far as PVP it's just LOL-bad. No one is gonna stand in this unless they're afk. Yet on my concealment Op I can pop out of stealth, lay down orbital strike, re-stealth, and then go faceplant someone in my AoE with an almost guaranteed kill.

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04.13.2012 , 01:53 PM | #104
Quote: Originally Posted by TheNinjaboy View Post
I think you will care when he quits because you'll realize that it's not just him quitting it's EVERYONE but you.

I doubt you want to see the SWTOR population fall off anymore then it already has.....

Almost every PvP server out there is a ghost town aside from Fatman.
Nope don't care. Cause if that many quit, they will just consolodate servers. I just need what enough for BW to justify continued development, which I think they said 100k-250k?

So yeah don't care.

Anyways, everyone thinks I'm lying. So it doesn't matter what I say.

however, I'm not the only one who has said DFA is fine. I agree radius nerf sux, but eh it's really not a deal breaker.
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04.13.2012 , 02:06 PM | #105
Yay at last a thread that isn't closed by bioware , i honestly don't think they get it at all to be honest guys and us moaning goes no where at all, accept it that Americans as general think they are right and are arrogant people, the US servers are all already on light usage along with the majority of ours except of course the Germans who for some reason put up with any crap bless them and their crusades.

My PVP experiences on this game are dire no matter what char i build as the survivability of all of them are useless, you may think your mercs nerfed ( I have one btw and play as pyro merc side) but on the other end when he is bombing the crap out of you as say a consular gay side, sorry i meant jedi side (just a joke) and you have a warrior at your *** your meat on the dance floor swearing because your cooldowns are gone and did zero to help you, fact is they really didn't think about pvp that much and probably counted on people being more sociable and going for the pve side when its a generation that sit on trains not talking with their heads in iphones..Big derrrrr,,Hey! do you live in reality as people need a tool for anything to be social to the devs there. Anywhores to create a good pvp environment we would all need better survivability skills to make it more fun and have the chance to do more damage and a total lack of some turd wanting to put a version of american football on their as he has a total lack of imagination, i friggin hate huttball, thats not pvp thats some ******** spending too much time working in EA sports devision being let on this game, never had crappy sports like that in star wars especially when hutts are about smuggling and shipping arms etc, should have been pod racing against other onlines or something..bloody morons.

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04.13.2012 , 02:07 PM | #106
Quote: Originally Posted by Galvatron View Post
You reduced the radius of Death form Above which was fine but now you ninja nerfed the damage by 30-40%. PLEASE EXPLAIN YOURSELF.
I don't think the radius reduction was fine at all. They made death from above a useless aoe now. It does not even hit a normal circle of mobs anymore.

There is noway to hit all the mobs in your normal set up of mobs BioWare. What was the reasoning to that?

What good is an aoe that does not aoe? Your version of a merc for this game is more and more disappointing me.

I came into this game wanting to be a Bounty Hunter like Boba Fett.

There is no Boba fett in this game at all. Boba fett had 2 balsters, a bladed gauntlet, a rocket pack he could jump and or fly with, a grapple hook.

Neither the power tech or the merc gets all of these. You split these things up and made Merc suck ***.

A Merc can not beat or even make a challenging fight to any class out there with anyone similarly geared.

Merc is only good for healing. Not what I had in mind as a merc.

Power techs get all the same abilities as merc and more accept the 2 blasters. Power tech is the better of the 2 but, It's not the fantasy created by Star Wars that I was looking for.

There is a definite imbalance in pvp being a merc. You will never win a 1 vs 1 fight against any class unless your heals, then you wont win but you wont die.

I'm losing faith in you BioWare. I for 1 am starting to entertain the idea of moving on due to no jet pack for mercs, pvp imbalance, and constantly screwing up on patches.

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04.13.2012 , 02:34 PM | #107
I had no problems with DFA while leveling on Nar Shaddaa yesterday. I was able to drop 3 & 4 mob groups with intelligent reticle placement. I admit the mobs are lower level than me (20/21 vs 23/24) so any damage nerf might not be observed.

Luckily, as a level 24 powertech, I do not notice any of these nerfs that have so many up in arms. DFA was the only one that affected me, and as I said above, I didn't notice any difference. When I get a skill that was nerfed, it will be new to me and I will still be more powerful than I was before when I did not have the skill. I won't be aware of what I could do in the past.

I'm sorry, you veterans are burdened with knowledge.

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04.13.2012 , 02:34 PM | #108
Quote: Originally Posted by Galvatron View Post
You reduced the radius of Death form Above which was fine but now you ninja nerfed the damage by 30-40%. PLEASE EXPLAIN YOURSELF.
Butthurt *** *****
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04.13.2012 , 03:40 PM | #109
Quote: Originally Posted by dardack View Post
Yep I ride in there on my bike, get the melee to follow me group up on 1 gunner, grapple the other, DFA, only loose 5-8% of my HP and they all die.

Again learn to use the lower radius. Again same exact damage is outputed total by DFA just in a smaller circle. Learn to adjust.

Or qq more and quit. I really don't care. I like the changes esp in PvP because of quicker activation.

Alright, seems I was out a bit too quick. Got all worked up by the negative energy, and didn't do good enough research myself. So yes, you can still use to target and hit multiple targets over the full duration. You can't hit as wide spread groups as before, but it's definitely still an AOE attack. The damage is pretty much the same as before, and there are 6 ticks not just 3. The knockback is not too bad. So basically you can still use this attack. I guess it depends on the planet/area you're in. On my first test I was on Belsalvis where now, most of the groups are to wide spread for DFA to have any effect. But now on Voss, I use it a lot with great results.

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04.13.2012 , 03:42 PM | #110
Get something..>ANYTHING mezzed/stunned by elct. dart and then drop DoA on them...Booooom 6 ticks now....6 ticks = the same dmg I use to do on 3 ticks before patch. IF and ONLY IF I hit hit all 6...but DMG per Cast/use is the same as before...they really didnt nerf the damge total...GO Bcck AND TEST IT AGAIN! Its the radius that sux now...cuz they left knockback the same and now even if you knock weak mob down they end up blowing out of radius and not taking but one or two maybe three ticks max...

Also its alot eaiser to move out of the range in PVP....Just skip right to edge of the reticle and poof you dont take but one or two ticks...

Like others have said Id rather have seen DMG reduced and radius the same or Radius reduced but also kick the knockback down a bit so you dont blow even lowly trash mobs outta your own attack...That all being said We will see if they adjust it at all....For know Ill use it sparingly when I want to throw it at a few NPC mobs or else Ill run in and just blow up flame sweep people..

I gotta say DoA was more widely used for me for weak mobs as an opening attack....Now Ill just have to switch strats a bit...Its not the END of DAYS as some would say have tons of skills...some just now got to move up on your use more often now list and others move down the list. You have alot of other skills to do dmg. We will see if they adjust the DoA at all after alot of data is collected....But there was no dmg nerf...its just the overall usefulness of this skill is reduced now as an AOE can still use it in situations if the right conditions are there but now there are other skills that can be used as effectively if you have them.

Thats my thoughts at least....All that being said I would like to see the knockback lessend or the radius put back out and the DMG lessend...or crit reduced or what have you. If they do tweak it at all...rrather throw a lil dmg a long way across alot of folks than alot of dmg in one tiny bucket with a skill like that.