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The Jedi Service Corps RP Project: a cross-server experiment

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The Jedi Service Corps RP Project: a cross-server experiment

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04.18.2012 , 12:16 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Slaine View Post
To celebrate the one true iconic mode of Jedi farmer in the Star Wars universe, I have decided to gauge interest in a cross-server RP project. What I would like to do is to create a directory of all Service Corp-themed guilds on the various RP servers to assist those wishing to engage in such roleplay but I'd also like to arrange some sort of mission prompts on a weekly or monthly basis.

By mission prompts, I mean something along the lines of "The agricultural division has issued a call for floral materials from Alderaan". All the guilds would be able to answer this call by collecting some amount of stackable grey items in the game... or maybe they would need to take screenshots of specific animals or buildings or organize academic calendars.
This idea is great! I'd consider promoting this in our small guild in Ajunta Pall. The guild is a group of friends and isn't Jedi Service Corp themed, per se, but I imagine we could create a subdivision of us for it.

I'd prefer monthly over weekly prompts. The reason being doing this x-server might introduce some lag, so having more than 1 weekend to do it would make it easier to keep up with (at least for me). Where do you think you'd post the prompts?

I wanted to throw a potential addition out there. How do you think this would work?
Give the prompts a lightside and darkside way to complete them. Tally up the responses. The attendees agree to help out the Empire if darkside wins or Republic if lightside wins. E.g. If you collect up medical items for the prompt, sell them (or something similar) at no profit on the appropriate GTN.