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The Overly High Server POPS !!!


Malformationz's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 12:21 AM | #1
I just spent the entire day working and taking care of little 3 year old children and when I come home I wanted to play swtor wait 3 hours que's to get into my server that my guild chose and I've already lvl'd a character to lvl 28 all that work would be gone if i just leave that server please implement something like server transfers for my entire guild or something please I beg of you <3

Its 4 days into early access the majority of them have been let in and there is a 3 and half hour que time for me to play , I wonder what will happen on the actual release 10 HOUR que times????????????????? 15 hours ( a lil rage sorry ) but still , Increase server pops SIGNIFICANTLY or offer free transfers off.

Please implement something like free guild transfers off or something