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Any way to disable the error messages?

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Customer Service (Read-Only)
Any way to disable the error messages?

Smackybear's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 12:19 AM | #1
I've been looking through the options and haven't seen any way to disable the error messages that pop up like "Not enough rage" or "Target out of range". Is there no way to disables these yet? Thanks.

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12.17.2011 , 03:02 AM | #2
shameless self bump

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12.17.2011 , 06:12 AM | #3
There's gotta be a line i can add to the config file or something at least.

gorokan's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 10:58 AM | #4
Shamefully, there appears to be no way to do that through in-game preferences, even disabling flytext completely had no effect.

Sekn's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 08:42 PM | #5
Was looking all over for a way to do this today as well. Doesn't seem to be any way.
Hope they add it soon, if at all.

MabrukPendragon's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 08:36 PM | #6
I would also like to remove these Error Messages. I hope that it will be looked into down the line.
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