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Update on Ranked Warzones in Game Update 1.2

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Update on Ranked Warzones in Game Update 1.2
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04.11.2012 , 07:23 PM | #1021
Quote: Originally Posted by dsingh View Post
For PvPer's who have been here since early game access, this was it. PvP has been stale since launch and Ilum was an even bigger joke. Glad your content with this company and I hope they continue to acquire your precious gold.

I'm more of a PVE person myself, as believe it or not I enjoy the PvE aspect of the game with my guild and find it fun. The game isn't all PvP and i ain't a huge fan of that tbh, although it can be a nice break. Plus i can equally unsub whenever I want, as long as i'm still enjoying the game, I won't leave.

Glimmerstrike's Avatar

04.11.2012 , 07:23 PM | #1022
Quote: Originally Posted by courtneywoods View Post
please discuss daniel erickson’s blog on ranked warzones in game update 1.2 here.

bw = keystone cops
"Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack."

-- George S. Patton

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04.11.2012 , 07:23 PM | #1023
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenReid View Post
While we have no current ETA for Ranked Warzones to be implemented, as a full development/testing cycle needs to be completed, we're hopeful it'll happen before the next major Game Update (1.3).
I'm reading this and I'm beginning to prepare myself that i won't be seeing rated Warzones til 1.3 (July?). Very discouraged as someone that does enjoy this game and want's to love it, but you guys keep "kicking PvPers to the curb" so to say. There's a great response that StewRR wrote earlier that I wish you guys would respond to but I'll reiterate the main point: if PvPers aren't your major focus, just make the point clear. This string and carrot thing is insulting to a large part of your player base.

I really just can't fathom how something that was so close to being in 1.2 that it was up for debate til presumably this day (8 hours before servers were intended to go down) is now being delayed and letting it known that there is a possibility that it might not be in til 1.3 (July?). I'm not someone that openly states, "I'm unsubbing, screw this!" but you guys keep pushing me to that ledge.

kjeldoranangel's Avatar

04.11.2012 , 07:23 PM | #1024
Im mature enough to unsub without whinning and QQing.

Time to move on.

DavidEg's Avatar

04.11.2012 , 07:23 PM | #1025
All you guys that unsubbed, good for you for following your principles, even if I do not agree with them. You feel duped, mislead, lied to, and responded by unsubscribing.


Now stop posting here. You're not part of the community anymore, now go away.

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04.11.2012 , 07:23 PM | #1026
Can you WoW players stop,i'm sick of hearing Wow this WOw that,i'm pissed my guild is pissed but we are not like wow so much go back have fun goodbye!

Swidgin's Avatar

04.11.2012 , 07:23 PM | #1027
Make it up to us BW

ANOUNCE 1.3 will include ARENAs and that's why you couldn't release Rateds with 1.2 Bcuz they share the same Rating SYSTEM.....

PR Fix and all you would have to do is make a 150m * 250m ROOM!

Angry, Nasally kid with braces (VOICE) "I want my ARENAS BW!"

Lijun's Avatar

04.11.2012 , 07:23 PM | #1028
Why did they wait until a few hours before the patch to tell us though?

This seems like sheisty business here.

Berlik's Avatar

04.11.2012 , 07:24 PM | #1029
So if im not BM yet should i still farm my last few lvls for BM or just wait for 1.2 tomorrow and get BM gear than. Are they not touching pvp gear than if ranked warzones are postponed?

Vinak's Avatar

04.11.2012 , 07:24 PM | #1030
shouldn't have even announced 1.2 would be tomorrow to begin with. Did somebody on the dev team just now log into their own game and notice the monumental **** up 1.2 is going to be?
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