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PVP Healing Worthless. Terribad. Not worth playing heal spec in pvp.

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PVP Healing Worthless. Terribad. Not worth playing heal spec in pvp.

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12.17.2011 , 07:20 PM | #11
It all seems really dynamic. Seems some things improved after that tiny patch.

Your able to break combat faster etc.

I found after playing a ton of pvp that its really dynamic. Still I think what the problem is for a low lvl sorc heals is you cant really outheal a higher lvl dps with ur two dinky heals.

True you can heal a bit of damage Slowly. Playing with the specs Ive found some viable ways to top DPS & Heals in a warzone.

As for them being Out healed / Out dpsd

It seems more dynamic based on what the player focuses on and circumstance. From what I can tell. The thing that makes some people seem "OP" is the level/ability difference.

higher level healing is seeming more based on procs/spells.
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12.17.2011 , 07:59 PM | #12
It's always the way in MMOs leben, healers need levels to gain abilities. Of course you're going to get pasted when you're low level you only have 2 heals, just give it time and it balances out. From 20+ healing is a blast and just as OP as every other game.

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12.18.2011 , 02:43 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Ashnazg View Post
A prime example of BHs out-healing and out-dpsing a sorc without even trying:
it appears to me that your screenshot clearly shows that sorcs did the most healing. and the greatest total damage was done by a sorc.

so no, it's not really a prime example. aside from the fact that the end totals don't really give a good accounting of how the match went, or who did what. for all we know those BHs were sitting in mid dpsing down whatever noobs were dumb enough to sit in mid and let them, rather than doing what they're supposed to. like getting the ball to the other side, or killing the ball carrier of the enemy team
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12.18.2011 , 06:51 AM | #14
SI's have high single target healing since picking up the first hot+burst heal, its gotten better as far as what i can actually do, having all blues and blue mods i can heal for about... 800-900 with my 2.5 second cast heal, big thing here i think is that we have one aoe heal and its in end tree BUT really for pvp aoe's aren't really going to be your bread and butter.

Shield is really what makes us so darn powerful, why you REALLY need 20% bonus in lightning tree and if ask me probably needs moved to healing tree as its way more of a support ability... but just my own thoughts. I mean right now my friend and i have duo'd almost every 4 man heroic with khem tanking and myself healing and him and vette dpsing(maurader) HECK got to 3rd or 4th boss in hammer station just two of us!

Big issue i think is that healing in tor is much lower then in other games, not healing 100000 hp a shot, and a couple dps will bring you or person healing down rather quickly. Gear is probably important, keep mods up to date, but so far i'm doing fine if i find having issues in pvp just switch to maddness spec and let guild BH/ops heal but so far i'm not having any issues.

Edit: big thing your neglecting is that a BH actually has a limit on how much he can heal before he basically has to sit and auto attack endlessly. Heat has a limit which is much much much greater then an SI's force points. We can keep pumping out healing for quite some time, our issue is mobility we have almost none since we must sit and cast constantly!
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12.18.2011 , 01:34 PM | #15
There is very little spike damage in pvp. You do not need spike heals. This allows for a dynamic play where you can make use of your off spec abilities and do damage and cc.

The other issue is before level 30. You have too few talents to see any large benefit from a talent tree. So, 10 points in corruption does not make you a specialized healer. 10 points in corruption and you can damage just as well as heal. Early level you should be healing through CC and damage. Heal when you can but don't forget to CC the scoundrel or consular. If the enemy beating on your friend is almost dead use your instant cast shock instead of a 1.5 second heal; heal through damage.

When you later get resurgence and later innervate your instant cast HPS will exceed your instant cast DPS.

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12.18.2011 , 03:42 PM | #16
You call taking 5k dps from 1 guy not Spike damage? ;p
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12.18.2011 , 05:39 PM | #17
i speced healing lastnight for some rounds with guildys. i dont die if you die your doing somthing wrong. 3-4 vs 1 maybe but solo not a chance in hell
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12.18.2011 , 07:51 PM | #18
At level 12 I have healed for over 100k
Over 200Kat level 15

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12.18.2011 , 11:35 PM | #19
OK, setting aside the OP's grammar, spelling and random capitalization ...
None of this is for the OP - it's for anyone else reading.
The complaint is that higher level DPS characters can outdamage low level healing.
They have more skills at their command due to level, there is only so much the field can be leveled. That is about it.
As a sorc, you have a ranged stun and a CC right out the gate (the CC has half the CD of break CC ability - hit with the stun first and hope they are too impatient to ride it out).
You get a ranged interrupt with a brief cooldown at level 18.

All the equalizing in the game cannot fix that higher level characters will have more skills, and more skill points spent.
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12.19.2011 , 04:20 AM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by lebenharvest View Post
I may be Over-exaggerating here but low lvl Sorc healing seems So Bad. A skilled healer can not out-heal 1 DPS in pvp nor can they effectively heal themself or team mates.

So I'm curious why other classes such as Bounty Hunter can Out-Heal & Out DPS a sorcerer without even trying by twice as much or more..

What is the point in nerfing all inq healers. Yet letting all other dps/healers have Greater & faster heals.

PvP is basically pointless for a Inq Sorc healer. Decreased healing on players in combat. Decreased healing on yourself in combat. GG.

Bottom line. Sorc is nerfed to the point it isn't enjoyable nor heroic at all in pvp.

Has anyone else seen this? I can spec full heals and still not be able to effectively heal nearly as well as other classes. And I'm not a baddy nor a noob.

Sure in pve I can keep a group up No probelm. In pvp I cant outheal 1 dps.

lol Out of combat crit 4k in combat 2k.
Iīve only pvpīed so far as doing the daily quest and 2/3 rounds to break up the leveling (excellent exp for the effort), so my experience is somewhat limited when compared to a hardcore pvp player.

That being said, i find myself playing mainly a defensive roll in the capture the flag games, setting up station in one of the turrets with another player, generally an assassin...

...and we are almost un-kill-able unless overwhelmed with superior numbers. Thats where sorcerers shine, keeping your dps alive while using your ccīs to catch runnerīs or interrupt channeled abilities.

Combat scenario:

Facing a sage + trooper. Sage invariably opens up with their aoe knock-back (force wave) then try to stun lock you with mind snap, force stun and force lift. The trick here, as your on higher ground is to cc the sage first and open up with your instant cast cc + instant cast damage and dot combination (electrocute + lightning cast + affliction).

While this is going on, your assassin buddy is running rampant at close range against the trooper, whose pretty much "##$% unless the sage is helping (which he is not because you have him #$%& himself). Throw a bubble and hot on the assassin as needed and the fight is pretty much over.

My strategy is always to keep myself and my team mates alive long enough for them to clean up the opposition. It doesnt always work, especially when overwhelmed with various ccīs, but most of the time, the sorcerer shines through.