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What is your ideal 4-man team?

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What is your ideal 4-man team?

Soulsabre's Avatar

04.09.2012 , 03:59 PM | #1
Like the title says, just looking for opinions on the ideal 4-man team. The focus is PVE but if you got a PVP team throw it out there too.

Skodan's Avatar

04.09.2012 , 05:44 PM | #2
2 dps, a healer, and a tank.

if they know how to play their class well any class can be used
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Qonor's Avatar

04.09.2012 , 06:07 PM | #3
assassin dps (me)
mercenary heals
juggernaut tank
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Toogeloo's Avatar

04.09.2012 , 06:42 PM | #4
Assassin/Shadow Tank
Operative/Scoundrel Healer
Mercenary/Commando DPS
Marauder/Sentinel DPS

Several CC options, plenty of AoE for trash, different class make ups, mix of range and melee.

MMornard's Avatar

04.09.2012 , 09:34 PM | #5
Jedi, Jedi, Jedi, and Jedi.

This is Star Wars. There are Jedi, and people who aren't cool. Period.

Nmaharg's Avatar

04.09.2012 , 11:31 PM | #6
Assn Tank
Sorc Heals
Mara DPS
Powertech DPS

Massive dmg incoming team.
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Xerain's Avatar

04.10.2012 , 06:21 AM | #7
Assassin tank
Merc Healer
Hybrid Dps/heals Sorc.

Master-Nala's Avatar

04.10.2012 , 07:00 AM | #8
Tank: Assassin/Shadow
Healer: Smuggler/Operative
Melee DPS: Marauder/Sentinel
Ranged DPS: Commando/Mercenary

irdc's Avatar

04.10.2012 , 10:36 AM | #9
Four players who are intelligent and competent.
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Katahn's Avatar

04.10.2012 , 10:58 AM | #10
I'm biased on assassin tank (my main is one) but honestly the only "ideal" I would have is 4 different base classes represented on the team so that no loot that drops is wasted. Beyond that, I don't really have a dog in this fight.
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