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Stay Frosty and Inconspicious missions bugged?

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Stay Frosty and Inconspicious missions bugged?

Jozean's Avatar

02.27.2012 , 06:18 PM | #81
1.Stay Alert ( Commander Tavusís ship will likely be guarded with state-of-the-art security measures.

Donít let your guard down.

2.Donít Get Burned ( Your mission just became more complicated. Commander Tavus has rigged his ship with flame throwers. Theyíll incinerate anyone who breaks the laser trip wires.

Complete your objective without being scorched by Tavusís trap.

so that's what STAY FROSTY means!

Deathrax's Avatar

03.03.2012 , 11:08 PM | #82
I contacted in game help submitted 3 tickets and nothing. Can't abandon the quest and customer service don't want to help. Where is the fix for stay frosty bonus mission.. I don't want customer service coming on here saying have you tried this! have you tried that! I'm not interested in your pathetic excuses, I want results, FIX IT!

bastina's Avatar

03.04.2012 , 11:48 AM | #83
Honestly, CS in this game is pointless. They cannot help at all so submitting a ticket is pointless. Its been bugged since the game came out pretty much, and there has been no talk of it being fixed. Its kind of irritating when there's a 25 quest limit and you can really only have 24.

Zajen's Avatar

03.05.2012 , 08:52 PM | #84
Wow 3 months of requiring troopers to play with 24 quest slots?!?

That's pretty audacious even for this dev team but also not surprising at this point.

Thaerakiel's Avatar

03.06.2012 , 11:45 AM | #85
Mine is bugged as well, I hit the first trip wire, but was frosty for the rest
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va_wanderer's Avatar

03.06.2012 , 12:17 PM | #86
It's not just Stay Frosty, mind you. The "can't delete quest" issue is for a lot of cases where people failed on a bonus (or failed to complete it in some fashion) and are left with the results.

They're working on it, is what we've been told. Irritating.
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Pourekos's Avatar

03.07.2012 , 11:32 AM | #87
"Stay Frosty" is in my quest log as well, even though I am past that quest now. And yes, I did get a nice "suntan" during that mission :-)

Tkara's Avatar

03.09.2012 , 09:40 AM | #88
Quote: Originally Posted by RaneGalon View Post
Yep, I disarmed every tripwire thing, and it didn't give me anything, not even a "completed mission" thingy. I try to reset it and abandon, but I can't. This stuff is really frustrating.
Yup, me too!

Phreeken's Avatar

03.09.2012 , 10:18 PM | #89
Quote: Originally Posted by Lurpa View Post
You my friend have made me look like an idiot. But THANKS..... I read this post and was freaking way but yuppers, was going to Tavis's ship and not the Justice.

What do you "Justice". Theres no where on the map that points me there.

KJOhio's Avatar

03.12.2012 , 05:42 PM | #90
I have stay frosty in my quest. I have submitted tickets but to no avail. The customer service in this game is the worst I have seen in my 13 years with various MMOs.