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Witty Imperial Agent names?!

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Witty Imperial Agent names?!

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03.22.2013 , 12:36 AM | #251
I went the X files route too, yeah lol . Mine was some variation of Agent Doggett . If the proper name was taken already, I'd put an apostrophe in there somewhere .

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03.22.2013 , 03:47 AM | #252
My Operative - Jason Bourne

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03.26.2013 , 05:42 PM | #253

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03.27.2013 , 01:03 PM | #254
I wanted the name Mirage for my female operative, but it was taken so I went with the phonetic Mraja.

For my sniper, I went with Stadig, which basically means constant or steady. I figured a careful, steady aim would be the hallmark of a sniper.

... yeah, not exactly witty names.

My favorite name in this thread has been Agent Agent, the Double Agent. I lol'd.
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03.28.2013 , 09:53 PM | #255
Rattataki male under the name Fourty'eight works for me!

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04.03.2013 , 12:05 PM | #256
I named my sniper Barrelsmoke. Though those X-files names are ******, wish i thought of that. can't now


04.03.2013 , 10:11 PM | #257
I named mine Agent Shelldore (Sheldor of Azeroth from Big Bang Theory)

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04.03.2013 , 11:41 PM | #258
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieBrown View Post
My favorite name in this thread has been Agent Agent, the Double Agent. I lol'd.
lol, Love it!

My operatives name was Bond, but I lost the rights to it after server transfers a while back. Now he is called Cipher Agent Neun (German for nine)
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04.04.2013 , 04:42 PM | #259
I got a Male Sniper called Ondaii, and a Female Operative called Karenyna .
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04.06.2013 , 01:29 PM | #260
Nawthra'tra'nis cuz I had to go with an authentic Chiss name for my Chiss operative. My inner nerd is strong...