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Soa bugging due to high player count?

Cyclonit's Avatar

04.07.2012 , 02:11 PM | #1

we tried to kill Soa yesterday and today and we were pretty much killed by the game bugging out as it seems.

First of all some information about our group:
- We were all t2 equipped at minimum
- We killed all of the other 4 bosses in less than one hour
- Except for 2 of us everyone had hardmode experience
- All of us killed Soa at least once in normal mode

What happend:
- On both days we had 2 tries going well
- The other tries failed due to different reasons
- 1st: We noticed three times that heals did not arrive at the target
- 2nd: Lightning spheres dealt an immense amount of damage (one hit a 25k tank)
- 3rd: Even though we killed all of the pyramids, Soa dealt instant AoE damage to the whole raid at the beginning of phase 2 (roughly 7k)

We noticed that all of those death reasons did only occurred when more than 2 groups attempted to kill Soa simultaneously. Is there anybody who can confirm our experience?