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The big debate for an alt looking at 1.2 (PvP specifically)

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The big debate for an alt looking at 1.2 (PvP specifically)

CrunkShizzle's Avatar

04.06.2012 , 07:15 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Urothefox View Post
My alt is a powertech. I enjoy it very much. Coming from an operative (which is my main), it's crazy fun to have things like utility. The "carolina parakeet" spec is going to get hit hard, but it was a ridiculous spec anyway. This AC has a lot of versatility and will still, after 1.2, have very viable dps. Plus the Advanced Prototype tree looks like it will be getting some interesting buffs.

I tried to play a merc and a sniper, but I got bored with the whole turret aspect.
hmm so what do you think would be more fun then in terms of a pvp alt a scrapper scoundrel(i know you said you played a operative,but scoundrels are the mirror class)or a advanced prototype powertech

cuz playstyle wise they both look pretty fun but i was thinkin about rollin a scoundrel instead of a powertech

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04.07.2012 , 03:32 AM | #12
Power tech is amazeingly fun. I think its the best kept secret in starwars. I've been leveling as pyro and can often to the charts in total damge done and kills. I just (last level) changed to shield teck and jet charge is awsome. So I'm not sure which I'm going to stay with but both spec are very cool to play. Im level 47 now and valor rank 46. The trick is, of course learning your class and limits. Power teck is imho the best ROUNDED class in the game, and both specs have a simialar play style, the way I play. Trick is, weither pve or pvp is fight THIER WEAKNESS not thiet streagth. This is the BEST class at doing this. If they are a malee class, stay at range and kite. If they are a ranged class GET CLOSE (or break contact). This works no matter if u are shield or pyro. If shield, u get jet charge to get on the ranged folk and your ranged abilities are better then the malee sabers, but if they do catch u rocket punch ftw. If pyro, u do more burst damage at longer range, but still dont shoot it out with a range class, get close, use fb and rocket punch, but most impotantly, quell (an interupt) is 4m range, and u can kit malee classes even better, but with the greater damage u wont have to do it as longe.
The new patch wont change this much, for pyro rail shot will take longer between reset procs, but for shield tecks they will get a buff I think as shields will work better. The biggest hit power techs will take, is a high level (48 level and up) hybrid spec of shield-pyro will no longer work (as before) bc now to get the rail shot reset proc you have to be in the pyro stance and before it would work if u were in the tank stance

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04.07.2012 , 12:14 PM | #13
Snipers bloom early, so if its just a PvP alt that you dont care about leveling to 50...
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04.07.2012 , 01:11 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Achromatis View Post
Snipers bloom early, so if its just a PvP alt that you dont care about leveling to 50...
well in terms of what i put

i was more lookin towards a rogue like melee dps class

and i was lookin for a pvp alt,but generally something id level to 50