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"Jumping" latency

Arielw's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 09:45 PM | #1
Hello everyone,
First of all, obviously the game is simply amazing. However, I have huge latency issue which I am hoping someone here can help me resolve. I am not writing this to complain, I am writing this to ask for help since I am completely green when it comes to such stuff. Well, I am playing from China. I am using VPN server in California, Los Angeles. I am playing on a West Coast server Nidd's Sarcophagus (something like this). I knew that I would most likely experience issues with latency but this one is very odd. So my latency is very "jumpy". It goes basically from 200ms to 3000ms up and down all the time like crazy. I tried different servers and it doesn't matter what server location or what its population I am always getting these huge latency spikes. The very fact that it can reach 200ms makes me believe (or rather hope) that this issue can be resolved and my latency can be somehow improved. The problem is that I don't have needed knowledge to chase problem myself and I have no idea who should I asked. I have emailed my VPN service but I am still awaiting reply and I was hoping that maybe someone here can help too or give some guidance. The weird thing is that according to speed guide (built in VPN software) my connection with this server in Los Angeles is at 204-234ms and download speed is up to 1000KBp/s which should be veryyyy good if I am correct. I am using avast! antivirus. I was trying to switch it off but nothing really changed. Does anyone have any idea what can be a source of it? How can I find a source? Can it be solved? Thank you for help.