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Attack Types vs Damage Types

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Attack Types vs Damage Types

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04.05.2012 , 02:55 PM | #1
So, this may better belong on the test server forums, but I think it belongs here just as much.

Brief context: there's a rather extensive discussion on the test forums about sniper damage reading heavily reduced from 1.2. A lot of the comments trying to figure things out keep mentioning yellow and white damage, and armor mitigation not affecting yellow damage.

From what I've understood from running my own tests and reading tooltips, there are two types of damage mitigation.

Attack-Type Mitigation: There are three attack types, being weapon (composed of 'ranged' and 'melee' attacks) which does the typical white damage, force and tech, which do 'yellow' damage. Attack-type mitigation is done from Defense chance and shield chance. Defense completely ignores the damage and shield reduces it.

Damage-Type Mitigation: There are four damage types, being elemental, internal, kinetic and energy. Weapon attacks always do either kinetic or energy. Force/tech attacks may do any type of damage. Damage mitigation is different, depending on what type of damage is being done. Armor reduces damage from kinetic and energy ONLY, and does nothing from internal and elemental. The SI buff reduces damage from internal and elemental only.

The reason I'm asking this is because people are saying yellow damage isn't reduced by armor... which isn't true, if I understand correctly. Yellow attacks can be any of the four elements, two of which ARE reduced my armor. Yellow simply means it can't be defended/shielded and has a higher base hit rate.

Am I wrong in this?