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Dungeon Finder Needed Badly

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01.01.2012 , 10:24 AM | #1
What this game really needs at this a Dungeon Finder. It was a huge success in other MMO's, no reason for it not to be in this game.


1. Can continue questing while waiting for group to form.
2. Prevents trolls from sitting there ruining General Chat while they are bored trying to fill a group.
3. Proves that BioWare can do something like this. Buys street creds.


1. Some people think it ruins the community...but I think they are wrong. They obviously have not sat for an hour trying to fill a Flashpoint group.
2. People who think like that are probably in a huge guild and have no trouble filling groups. We're usually filling 2-3 of 4 and just need that last role.
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04.04.2012 , 11:44 PM | #2
Because the previous thread has exceeded our normal threshold for thread length, we've started this new thread for the community to discuss this topic.

Please note that the following developer post was made in a previous version of this thread:

Quote: Originally Posted by DamionSchubert View Post
Improving our LFG system is high on the list of features that Systems Design wants to add to the game. We want this to be good not just for helping people find Flashpoints and Operations to run, but also other multiplayer content like heroic missions. A key emphasis will be on advertising for specific role needs (healer, tank, DPS). This feature is currently in the design stage, and once this feature has moved beyond this to a development stage and has a firm ETA, I'll be coming back to you guys to give more details.

We've known we would need to revisit this feature for a while. In the level-up game, finding players isn't too rough because, with few exceptions, everyone in that level band is either on your planet or on the fleet. Once more and more players hit endgame, and are spending their time in more places, the need for this feature is going to increase. Note that right now, high level players have the opposite problem - there aren't enough other players up there to group with. This problem will dissipate as the game ages, and more players reach the later levels.

That being said, our design team doesn't philosophically believe that cross-server Flashpoints are good for the game at this stage in the game's lifespan. There is huge social pressure to not be a jerk that goes away when the odds that you will never see these people again is high. I'm not saying never - there may come a time in the future where we reevaluate this - but at least in the short term, we believe this will cause more damage to the community than good.
As always, we ask that the community keep the following things in mind when responding:
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  3. Please express your opinion and thoughts in a constructive, respectful manner.
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04.04.2012 , 11:47 PM | #3
Yeah it needs a FP finder.

I don't care what anyone says, it does not kill the community. People are already sitting on the fleet anyway and there is no Finder. What does that tell you?
Quote: Originally Posted by BruceMaclean View Post

And I love Darth Moonshadow's responses.

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04.05.2012 , 12:14 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Moonshadow View Post
Yeah it needs a FP finder.

I don't care what anyone says, it does not kill the community. People are already sitting on the fleet anyway and there is no Finder. What does that tell you?
You can not care all you want, but the concerns are valid.
The presence of a cross server dungeon finder is the difference between an online multiplayer co op game and an mmorpg.

Thankfully, the developers said the incoming FP finder will be server wide only.

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04.05.2012 , 12:29 AM | #5
asking people to do something they didn't flag as looking for is not community building. Spamming is not community building. If anything it's getting you a reputation of someone that's an inconsiderate harrasser, or too nosey if they feel obligated to explain why they said no. So what if people see me spamming all the time and people start to get to know my name? That's not making friends, that's putting yourself on the line in ways which could be good or could be very horrible. I know when everyone's doing it it'll most likely mean nothing, but it takes so much fighting of self-conscious tendencies to do it. If I wanted to bring so much attention to myself I'd do it in other ways. But I'm not. All I'm trying to do play the game.

It's all very well and good to say that running the flashpoint is community building, because it is. When it comes to a community I'd be part of (which I came to be part of organically and through playing rather than making out like a salesman or a telemarketer), I don't care if they're from the same server or not. I'm interested in the SWTOR community interested in flashpoints. The thought of having friends on my friends list simply because they're a tank makes my stomach churn. I'd love to be able to play with people I meet on my server. But the way it is, unless you can completely fill the group with all roles on your own the run won't happen. The days of "Do you know someone that can tank or heal this" should be well over for entry-level group PVE end-game. It's entry level, and entry level only. Blocking it off to people simply trying to enter who have not yet experienced it is a silly design. There's nothing worse than needing 1 dps to fill a group and not getting one, no matter how long you wait before the group starts falling apart. And knowing that somewhere on planet Earth, someone playing a dps most probably wants to do the flashpoint, but is on a different server and therefore cut off.

Catch 22 - can't do content coz don't have the social contacts. Can't make the social contacts coz you can't do the content and get the gear/experience. Something needs to break that cycle. And here's a hint - you can't force people to make friends with people they don't want to.

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04.05.2012 , 01:12 AM | #6
X-Server LFG, I don't like it many for many reasons and, with other proof to back up my claims previously posted, there is no more I need to say about that flawed tool.

So you get X-Server LFG because you have been refusing even the idea of server merges saying "NO!" you want X-Server not merges. (check prior posts to see that debate on these forums that mergers were in fact not wanted by those demanding a X-Server LFG tool). Now that you got it, what about the others? Those that do not want the X-Server LFG flawed tool at all, be it bad experience that they "just couldn't get over it", "grow thicker skin", "can't deal", are going to be stuck in a community that is not what they had or wanted or feel has been desecrated, or any other things X-Server LFG pro advocates have called the rest.

So, guilds can do their runs, not a problem, may they have fun. They get no special treatment, drops, gear or tokens beyond the normal allotment already given by BW. Just as it has been.

X-Server gets their one button op and no special treatment for performing such mundane two click insta-grouping. This allows you to "do the same content" you so claim to desire. You get the same chance for drops, gear, and tokens as given by BW for the guild/friends/regular old school type runs.

And then you MUST make a scalable Op for all those Singular people who do not like X-Srever LFG and may not be in a guild and want "to do the same content", and cover the possibility that they have a friend or two with them, so they can do the same Op er "the same content". Now just because they are not a full guild group, or even so much as clicking a button for that insta-group, they too must get the same drops, gear, and tokens as they would if they were a regular type run, guild run, or insta-group.

So, that takes care of the Guilds, the X-Server LFG Musthaveneeds, and the people who do not join guilds, like to solo, or do not want the X-Server LFG experience.

So we will just have to get BW to go back to the drawing board to take care of all the mechanics needed to accomplish this merely minor feat. It would only take a little tweaking here and there and viola.

I mean by what I've been reading in these posts and threads of what should have been in the game before BW even thought of releasing SWTOR, well, this should be nothing. I'm sure the Devs can squeeze it in ever so easily enough.

I mean, if you can demand X-Server LFG so you can "experience the same content", well, it's only fair that you too should be speaking up for that solo player that wants to "experience the same content" without using a LFG tool. Otherwise it would really be unfair to what appears to be such a large group of the player base, as there is so little in the way of community and all.
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04.05.2012 , 02:11 AM | #7
w|f lol still active

Quote: Originally Posted by Dylancholy View Post
Thankfully, the developers said the incoming FP finder will be server wide only.
yep BW never ever do any sort of cross-server anything

even pvp, delete all you done and do only single-server rated wz, protect your precious community!
Quote: Originally Posted by Esproc View Post
X-Server LFG, I don't like it many for many reasons and, with other proof to back up my claims previously posted, there is no more I need to say about that flawed tool.
yes BW your preciuos community have unbreakable proofs listen to them!
say no to cross-server!
don't allow "random pug guy" to hurt your precious community

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04.05.2012 , 02:20 AM | #8
no cross-server dungeon finder will cause more to leave. it's too damn difficult to find groups and you can look to lotro to see how often a single-server dungeon finder pops. less satisfied customers = more people leaving = less community for the anti-cross server crowd = less developer dollars going back to the game = f2p and the game relegated to the bargain bin. enjoy!

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04.05.2012 , 02:31 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Mordalus View Post
less satisfied customers = more people leaving = less community
no BW don't listen this is deception!
precious community you protected so far with no recount, no combatlogs and no cross-server tools can't be unhappy! it is impossible

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04.05.2012 , 02:41 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Esproc View Post
X-Server LFG, I don't like it many for many reasons and, with other proof to back up my claims previously posted, there is no more I need to say about that flawed tool.
What proof?! You have never provided any proof! All you'v ever done is go on at length about your opinion of it and listed some apparent ocassions when someone was mean to you.

You can't provide proof because there is no proof. Only opinions.

I also seriously doubt that's the last you will ever say on this beneficial tool.