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my fps issue and shadow/scoundrels

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my fps issue and shadow/scoundrels

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04.02.2012 , 02:33 PM | #1
Im having serious fps issues at pvp .I tried ram drive but i couldnt do it ( ill retry again tonight )

My system configurations are

Vista 64bit sp2
IntelŪ PentiumŪ Processor G620
(3M Cache, 2.60 GHz)
AMD rodeon 6700 1024mb memory size
12gb ram

I m using lastest drivers , direct 9.

My fps is constantly changing.I tried ramdrive , i couldnt make it. Reinstalled swtor now it feels better today with highest or default settings compared to yesterdays performance with lowest settings.

I have 24 fps at huttball in crowded groups. It rarely drops below 15. When there is not jedi shadow / sage / scoundrel around my fps goes up to 35.Whenever 1 of them appear my fps goes down to 24. Specially scoundrels make fps go down 10 for a second.Its constantly changing and hardly grants me a smooth pvp experience and tiring for my eyes.

I inspected their spell effects , its full of small particles , specially ( i dont know names for rep skills so ill use sith versions ) force lighting , rock throwing is full of small partices.

Is there a way to lower quality of only these spells ?

I have worse at alderan. I think its due to turrets are always firing.

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04.02.2012 , 05:12 PM | #2
This post in another thread suggests a workaround to temporarily disable particle effects. Seems like a drastic step to me, but you can try it.

Quote: Originally Posted by Rikeryo View Post
this game has some major performance flaws, especially particle effects.
they are stored in the "swtor_main_art_fx_1.tor" file in the "assets" folder of your game installation.

try to temporary renaming the file, start the game and play a warzone. all particle effects are contained in this file and will be removed. enjoy a great framerate boost and stutter-free gameplay. restore the original file name to reenable particle effects and enjoy low framerates again.

unless bioware is finally able to fix the this very file (which seems to contain tons of important files, highly compressed - the game accesses it a lot - maybe too often which causes problems) - and other performance drains - we all have to suffer.