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Can You 6 man

BelgRiva's Avatar

04.02.2012 , 02:49 AM | #1
A normal Mode - Karagga's Palace?

my friends and I don't have enough players for full 8 but we're RL friends and did EV with 6 man (note all normal mode) but we've beat it a couple of times now. More or less all columni geared out.

Now our question is, can you 6 man Karagga's Palace? We like the difficulty but would like to know if anyone's tried and done it.

Our group structure right now is

1 Jug Tank
2 Melee Assassins
1 DPS Merc -
1 Healer Sorc
1 Healer Operative.

Thanks, it be nice to know if anyone had experiences before!

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04.02.2012 , 02:55 AM | #2
could be tough, bthrashers got some decent hp's.. think jarg and sorno needs to be dual tanked as well. be neat to try though I guess, hope it goes well for you. repost if you guys do it and win
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04.02.2012 , 04:18 AM | #3
Many guilds solo tank Jorg & Sorno, though it is harder than with two tanks.

Tank Jorg, put your two assassins on Sorno & have them interrupt everything he does. If one of them has any tank gear, have them put it on and be in tank stance for the times when your tank will be stunned and Jorg is free (Jorg calls down a carbonizer probe and the tank is stunned until the probe is killed, have one of the assassins taunt Jorg till the probe is dead...also, force shroud works on virtually 100% of Jorg's attacks).

I'd be more worried about fabricator with that set up, as you are going to probably need 3 people on buttons (which means 3 people 30+ yards away from the boss)...your merc + 1 of the healers might work, but if you are having problems with the enrage timer you could also try having 1 assassin up there using force speed to get down to the boss for burn phase & then have your sorc grip him back up (more people on buttons means more burn phases, which means more DPS even though one of your DPS won't be down there hitting him for most of the fight).
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04.02.2012 , 04:26 AM | #4
I'm almost certain you'll never succeed with fabricator. iirc its hp was nerfed some time ago (I haven't been to normal KG in a while) but it used to be hard to pug because of enrage even with 8 people. Not sure how big the nerf was, but I doubt it was big enough. Having only one ranged dps sounds like certain fail.

If you were in like full rakata it shouldn't be a problem, but since you guys can't even have columi weapons yet..
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04.02.2012 , 09:11 AM | #5
I see no problems except for the fabricator, either there needs to be some way to get that increases damage debuff off the main tank or a healer is going to be focused on keeping the tank up the entire time.

It might be possible with the merc doing the puzzle up top and nuking the boss during the burn phase. One healer spamming heals on the tank 100% of the time and the other helping with dps during the burn phase and quickly healing the raid the rest of the time.

With near perfect execution and a bit of luck, you might just meet the enrage, assuming the tank lasts that long.

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04.02.2012 , 03:17 PM | #6
I think you will need to be extremely geared out. We tried it yesterday with a full group of 8 after oneshotting Soa fairly easily and we couldnt even get past bonethrasher.
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04.02.2012 , 04:45 PM | #7
There are really only two bosses for which I see it not working out: The first (Bonethrasher) and fourth (Fabricator)

Enrage timer on Bonethrasher is need full composition and decent DPS to bring him down until everyone gets over-geared. I wouldn't joke around with that one for newcomers.

Fabricator...the same. FYI, for the one that mentioned nerfs...his HP is down to 1.8 million down from 2 million pre-nerf. Enrage timer is still a little tight, but I will admit having a sorc healer makes this fight several times easier (we tried it for two weeks without one and it wouldn't work...putting a sorc healer in turned the fight into a much simpler affair).

Find a couple pugs, socialize with the server

All said, Normal EV is not as accurate a frame of reference as you would have hoped, I'm afraid. Despite both offering the same-tier gear, I've found KP to require a good amount more focus than EV.
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04.02.2012 , 08:01 PM | #8
Well it usually takes 3 guys up top for the fabricator, so that would only leave three down bottom, your tank and melees. It could be done, but it'd be tough.

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04.02.2012 , 08:08 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkLordIceman View Post
Well it usually takes 3 guys up top for the fabricator, so that would only leave three down bottom, your tank and melees. It could be done, but it'd be tough.
You can do fabricator with 1...

And on the subject, yes you can 6 man it on normal, it just requires you to be a little more geared than you should be to make up for the lack of 2 people.

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04.07.2012 , 07:51 PM | #10
We've done the first 3 bosses 5-man (normal mode). 1 Tank, 3 dps (1xMelee, 2xRange), 1 healer. Set-up was:

Guardian tank
Sentinel (watchman)
Commando (dps)
Sage heals (me)

1st boss is pretty easy.
-if 2 people get swiped, it really hurts healing-wise
-if everyone can avoid the swipe, while riskier (short window that you can run through him without turning him), healing is easier
-we killed the cats (2 adds) instead of ccing them
-we often hit enrage timer right near the end - as long as you finish him before ground pound it's ok.

2nd boss was tough.
-tank has to solo tank jarg and sorno (trying to have commando range tank jarg did not work for us)
-we started with everybody on sorno so tank could build threat for the full phase. 1 range puts a little threat on jarg so that when phase 2 happens he doesn't chase healer (me).
-obviously when phase 2 starts and tank is carbonized, get him out quickly.
-after that, the ranged go on jarg.

-very painful to heal once soft enrage starts. have to burn 1 of them down asap at that point.
-sometimes healer (me) gets boned with a combo (stunned in fire + headshot) which can mean a wipe.

3rd boss was fairly easy.
-tank *must* rotate cooldowns on frenzies. anyone who takes damage around that time needs to use a health pot.
-as long as people are quick at getting out of fire and killing adds, there's nothing special.

4th boss we just could not do.
-Needed 2 tanks (couldn't solo-heal 1 with 10 debuff stacks).
-Had our commando switch to his Shadow tank. That meant we had 2 tanks, 1 rdps, 1 mdps, 1 healer.
-Only 1 rdps on the droids up top was not enough, even with us using our knockbacks on 2 of the droids on the ledge.
-Had to rescue-pull the sentinel up to solve puzzle.
-Being able to clear the droids up top quickly is the biggest issue.
-Even though we solved as quickly as possible (healer & both dps solving - solved in under 10 seconds), it just isn't possible for 2dps to put out the amount of damage needed before the enrage. MAYBE 6 people could do it, but then it would be even more healing intensive. Ideally I suppose I'd go with shadow tanks in DPS gear, and all ranged dps (no melee dps) to shave off the time dropping top-level droids and getting in another puzzle solve. Grenade knock-backs would be more of a problem, mind you - everyone up top would have to *really* be on-the-ball.

-if I were attempting with 6, I'd either try 1 tank, 2 heal, 3 dps, or 2 tanks, 1 heal, 3 dps (with 1 dps being able to cast a few off-heals).
-again, biggest issue for us is getting the droids killed quickly enough. Solving with 3 people takes 10s. Clearing droids to do it.... takes much longer with only 1 rdps.
-this boss is a pain even with 8.

5th boss we didn't get to, but I'm assuming it wouldn't have been much of a problem. Is kinda easy with 8, and I don't see anything that would make it problematic with 5 or 6.