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04.02.2012 , 07:16 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by ninjashadowdark View Post
well if you guys thinks arms tec is bad to have wait for the update or play the test can also learn recipes bye reverse enginer things ... Alot of things if you guys dont like arm tec after the patch instead of talking about how terrible it is how about some new ideas to improve it :P..
Actually, he did. They mentioned that the gear produced by Armstech is pre-Columni. Thus the obvious solution would to have gear that is Columni and above to make Armstech worthwhile.

In general, pre-1.2, Armstech is the 3rd worst profession. For leveling, I find the barrels essential. The off-hand weapons, Vibrosword, Techblade, are of limited use.

I would love to have orange leveling patterns for Vibrosword and Techblade.

For end-game material, there needs to be comparable gear that makes the Armstech worthwhile, otherwise, it has limited utility as a profession to help with leveling only.