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Post you legacy family tree ideas!

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Post you legacy family tree ideas!

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04.03.2012 , 07:09 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by maxetius View Post
Everyone's an Ally or a Rival.

Why? Because the stories are all almost concurrent. How stupid is it to have a character as 'son of' or 'daughter of' when Absolutely nobody ages or changes in the story?
That is why I have only one child in my legacy but take my example.
Sith purebloods are known to live as long as 300 years, so it is not absurd for my marauder to gain a seat on the dark council and then be disgraced by the birth of her nonforceusing son before the age of 100. She retires for 30 years only returning(starting from the bottom) when she discovers a worthy apprentice among the slaves (my sorcerer) and decides to restart her path to glory.
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04.03.2012 , 07:51 PM | #42
My thinking is that all of my alts are bastard children of my Warrior main (pureblood male), even my Jedi Knight. You know, he went from port to port, leaving surprises. My operative and my incoming sniper (just waiting for legacy to level her) are twins, but they don't know that, since the Empire snatched them when they were still too little after their mom tried to bomb Korriban, but both eventually ended up in intelligence. JK is a miraluka, mother died giving birth, got taken in by the jedi, hopefully will have an epic reunion for the fate of the world one day. BH is Kaliyo's brother (yeah, I just want to have a small world), but mom abandoned him at birth so they don't know each other, and they do have different dads. He was raised by the StarWars equivalent of wolves (whatever habit Rattatak) until at age 6 he found a blaster and learned to raise himself. Also, that makes my SW almost like Kaliyo's step-dad. She just is my favorite companion. My Inquisitor's family got taken in as slaves, and ironically she's now almost as high up as daddy. No one knows about each other though, and that's the way I like it.
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04.03.2012 , 08:10 PM | #43
I think my Trooper and Jedi will be brothers (Cyborg and Mirilian respectively), my Smuggler and Sith Warrior will be brothers (both Zabrak), my Bounty Hunter will be the rival of my Smuggler, my Agent, Inquisitor, and Consular I have no idea yet
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04.03.2012 , 08:24 PM | #44
Consular (future) will be the father of my Smuggler, BH and Trooper. Their mother is dead. The Trooper will be allied to my Agent (Agent is undercover in the Empire), and will be married to my SW, who will be rivals to my Jedi Knight. Easy as pie.

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04.04.2012 , 01:21 AM | #45
The Riggz legacy

Urdnoght Riggz served imperial intelligence faithfully and on one mission to disable a Hutt cartel smuggling ring on Nar Shadda he was paired with a female chiss agent named Amnethia. They accomplished the mission together and even talked afterwards. Within months the chiss pair were dating and kept it secret from their superiors. They are both on the lightside spectrum and both are trying to stop a possible war with the Republic

However Urd and Amnethia found themselves betrayed by intelligence and on the run. They did their jobs too well and the sith feared them and removed them. They surprisingly found a home in the criminal organization Black Sun. They were recruited because of Urd's amazing healing practices and Amnethia's skill with the sniper rifle.

The two found themselves in love and eventually got married. Urds closet friend and ally, Junta who was a sith lord also joined the criminal organization due to how his best friend was betrayed.

Urdnoght and Amnethia eventually had 3 children.

Their first was named Wrex, and happened to be force sensitive. Urd knew that if the Empire discovered this his son would have to face the sith trials and may possibly killed. Because of this the young couple sent their son to be trained in the Jedi order to become a Jedi Shadow. Wrex followed the path of light like his father and he had a happy career with the Jedi.

Their second child was named des, who turned out differently. He became a bounty hunter and eventually a Mandalorian like his father's best friend junta. Junta was born and raised a Mandalorian but was stolen by the sith to become one of them, which he did. Des never saw eye to eye with his father but was still a good and honorable man - he always kept in contact with Junta

Their third and final child, Mogar, was a noble person who found himself at odds with the Empire like his father did. He decided he could no longer live within the empire's domain so he sneaked away to become a smuggler in republic space. His father was proud of him for sticking to what he believed in. Eventually the smuggler joined the neutral criminal syndicate of black sun and worked closely with his father. Urd never admitted it but Mogar was his favorite son because he was the only one who he actually was able to stay in contact with.

Urd and Amnethia still work for Black Sun in their age along with their son Mogar

Des lives and works with the Mandalorians and finds himself becoming more Mandalorian day by day - he hopes to become just like his hero Junta

Wrex continues to serve the Jedi Order. He wonders how himself, a Chiss, ended up in Republic space as a jedi. He longs to me his family and thank them for getting him out of the empire because surely if they didnt - he would be dead or worse - a sith assassin
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04.04.2012 , 01:44 AM | #46
This one get's crazy, hold on guys.

I have 2 50's, Rattataki Male sorc and Twilek Female assassin.

They are Sibblings.
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04.04.2012 , 02:33 AM | #47
Victix, (Dark) Sentinel, Miraluka.

Morttuum, (Light) Marauder, Human-Cyborg; half-brother (same father, different mothers).

Venatorum, Mercenary, Human-Cyborg; Victrix' second-cousin on mother's side.

Laurigus, Vanguard, Human-Cyborg; first cousin (father's side) to Victrix.
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04.04.2012 , 02:57 AM | #48
So far:
Aries Jannus - Quarter-Miralukan (parents ner/humans, one of grandparent was Miraluka, looks like Human) Jedi Consular, married to Nadia Grell (I really hope they add companions to family trees). Student of Force mysteries in all its shapes and forms (aka Artificer)
Nora Jannus - Quarter-Miralukan (Miraluka with the most "light"skin tone) - Trooper, Aries's sister, to be married to Aric Jorgan. Adept with machinery (aka Cybertech).
Sierra Jannus - Bounty Hunter cyborg, still deciding on her place in family tree
<name TBD> Jannus - Agent cyborg, also deciding on his place in family tree (married to Sierra perhaps?)

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04.04.2012 , 02:42 PM | #49
The Destruction Legacy (edited to be the same as a new versioon I posted in another thread):

My Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior were allies as kids on Kaas. My Jedi Knight failed as a Sith, and was to be killed by the warrior. The preliminary stages of this execution were witnessed by my smuggler, and he staged a rescue inorder to got my knight off the planet. Ever since they have been close allies. Due to rescuing the Jedi, the Sith have hired bounty hunters to kill him, and he's become rivals with my bounty Huneter.

The Smuggler was in a relationship with a Mirialan and my Jedi Consular is thier daughter. Late into the war my smuggler's wife was killed during an Imperial raid; unable to take care of his daughter he sent her to be trained as a Jedi.

My trooper was a slave on a Sith planet that was liberated early in the war, during her childhood. When she became an adult she joined the Republic military; while assigned to an outer rim world she met my smuggler and they got married. My Imperial Agent and Sith Inquisitor are thier kids.

In the beggining of the Cold War the Empire incited a rebellion on thier home planet and hired third parties to assault the planet, when the rebellion was ready to strike. When the attack occured my Trooper was stationed at the planetary military base, and was unable to get to her family. All three of them were presumed dead. In actuality my smuggler escaped the planet, but due to the severity of the defeat he was unable to contact his wife and assumed that she was dead. When he went to his home he saw that his house had been destroyed in an orbitall bombardment. Before he was able to search for his kids he was chased off world by a small Imperial patrol.

Durring the orbital bombardment of their homeworld, my agent and inquisitor were separated. After the battle the Imperial fleet moved in to take control of the planet. At this time a high ranking Imperial officer adopted my agent; as a young adult he served in the Imperial military, but was soon recruited by intelligence due to his efficiency. My Inquisitor was captured by a group of slavers and was sold to the empire.

Both my smugler and trooper know that the attack was supported by the Empire, but officialy it appears that the Empire moved in a bought the planet after the attack.

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04.04.2012 , 04:14 PM | #50
the Ravenor Legacy

Darth Krosis, Sith Pureblood Marauder and married to Darth Hevno a female Sith Juggernaut. Vokun, a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter is an respected ally. And finally we have their son: Kolarik, a Sith Pureblood Sorcerer.

But that Legacy might die if Bioware won't let me xfer my chars to a new realm.

My new legacy will be built around a new couple: Hahnu, a Mirialan Jedi Shadow and Strybjorn a human male trooper.
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