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Post you legacy family tree ideas!

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Post you legacy family tree ideas!

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04.01.2012 , 08:35 PM | #21
Ziruszero and Kira Carsen have 2 sons. zirustrooper and Zirussumggler. The counsular will be the son of sumggler.
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04.01.2012 , 08:52 PM | #22
The Hesprax Legacy

My level 50 sith sorc(dark side) Perfidia Hesprax she is a rattataki she starts a sith house with aliens(she brings in humans as well) to expand the order out to non humans. Since she believe people are judged by their merits not their blood *looks at ffon* if they are weak they die if they are strong they live. she will never marry all kids will be adopted since marrying as sith leads to problems *coughlordgrathencough*. Anyway she took in a twi'lek slave to be trained as sith she kept her as slave to nurture her hate until she is admitted to the sith academy.

The twi'lek slave graduates from the sith academy and earns her name Zullia Hesprax. She choses the profession sith assassin. She seeks out her brother and sister and they join the sith house her brother Yuvon trains to become an imperial agent and her sister Triza trains to become a sith warrior.

Angavi is a miraluka her profession is jedi sentinel she apart of the Hesprax legacy Perfidia murdered her family and friends to bring her over to the dark side hence why she is a dark jedi sentinel. Angavi joins the jedi to get vengeance against Perfida they will be set as rivals until about level 47-50(depends when I finish the story). Until Angavi gets sick of the weakness of the republic and after talking with a certain sith in the JK story and after traveling with him he changes her perspective cause all her companions rant and complain about her choices(well she is dark side no surprise there ) and lets not forget shan denying her the title.

She finds Perfidia so she can avenge her family, Perfidia kicks her *** cause Angavi does not fully grasp the power of the dark side like she does and then she offers Angavi the chance to become a sith. She takes the offer but decides to remain in the republic and jedi order as a mole she sends her kids to Perfidia to be trained as sith.

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04.02.2012 , 05:46 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Leolab View Post
Is it good or bad that I recognize most of where these names come from?
Good on you, bad on me, probably
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04.02.2012 , 05:55 AM | #24
The Imperial Agent Legacy.

After having seduced women across the galaxy from Sith Lords to wayward adventurous criminals, the Imperial Agent is practically everyone's father.
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04.02.2012 , 07:00 AM | #25
My main character Samal is a human sith sorcerer, which means he started off as a slave until he caught the eye of a Sith and was forcefully recruited into the Sith academy according to the canonical story.

I think theres plenty opportunity to imagine what happened to his family and what tragic event had him end up as a slave somewhere. Maybe a passenger ship that fell prey to some pirates/slavers in some outer rim system. My idea is that not every member of the my legacy family ended up as a slave, some ended up living happy on the republic side, and have Samal be the 'unlucky one' who they wrote off as 'lost'. Maybe Ill make a trooper or smuggler as Samal's father.

Unfortunately I cant find much information on how star wars slavers usually acquire their merchandise.

I also dont know yet if theres any meaningful way to tie characters of other races into the legacy. I wont plan much until I find out.

Samal is very evil person.
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04.02.2012 , 07:30 AM | #26
The Silverthorn Legacy
I made all 8 characters as soon as I heard the legacy was in 1.2 even though I only have 2 at over 40, the Sorc and Op.

Oh yeah that was one of my questions no one ever actually answered but I really hope they allow loops and triangles in the legacy system
(my bestfriend is brother to my nemesis type of thing)

Human Sorcerer: Athanasia Silverthorn.
Pureblood Marauder: Exusia Kratos.
Cyborg Operative: Arutha Silverthorn.
Rattataki Powertech: Samuel Lycifer.
Miraluka Shadow: Tai'daishar Silverthorn.
Mirialan Guardian: Arete Praxidikai.
Twi'lek Gunslinger: James Dasher.
Pureblood Commando: Hodir Silverthorn.

100% Dark: Marauder.
Kind of evil: Sorcerer, Gunslinger.
Neutral: Operative, Powertech.
Kind of good: Shadow, Guardian.
100% Light: Commando.

Athanasia grew up with Tai'daishar in republic territory but was captured young by slavers.
Her force powers were discovered by Exusia who sent her to Korriban slowly molding her into her apprentice.
Explaining why she was given a chance at the academy.

Exusia used to be on the council but retired from politics when after a fling with a red skinned Twi'lek Gunslinger,
she was disgraced by having a non-Force using son, Hodir.
Clouded by her anger she promised not to rest until Dasher was dead.

While in Dromund Kaas Athanasia let her passion take over with Arutha and quickly found out that
him and his best friend Lycifer have been plagued by the very same smuggler for years.
She convinced Exusia to join forces and the four of them began the hunt for Dasher.

During the hunt Exusia used much of her former influence to get Hodir into the Imperial Guard stationed on Korriban.
While trying to find Athanasia, Tai'daishar and her padawan Arete found out about Exusia's son and created a plan.
They pooled all their contacts together to find Dasher first and tried to convince him to help steal his son.
He had no interest in any of this, wishing only money so he agreed when offered plenty, on the condition that he could leave after.

The three entered Korriban on Dasher's ship and proceeded to capture Hodir.
As they were trying to get to the ship the Imperials arrived on Arutha's ship and a large battle began.
Arutha and Lycifer fighting to free Hodir and then the five of them proceeded to push the republic three.
Taking the risk, Tai'daishar unleashed an experimental force technique to force persuade Hodir.
This created a tear in the dark side stunning Exusia and Tai'daishar and turning Hodir to help the republic side.
They proceeded to hold off Arutha and Lycifer and escaped.

Hodir's brain was damaged and his personality completely changed making him a blind follower of any orders.
To protect him Tai'daishar Adopts him and protects him.
Also all of his training was burned out but was accepted into havoc squad.
Regardless of their history he became good friends with Padawan Arete.
And the danger of Exusia's vendetta forced Dasher to stick with the rest of the team.

And so all the Imperial team are escalating the war and the republic will regret the legacy of The Silverthorn Sisters.

(I hope I can make so many connections straight away)

............................. /..............\...........|.....

I like to end on ridiculous **** that I hope someday will be in the game for fun.

And added bonus:
Imperial team:
Tank: Powertech,
Healer: Operative,
Dps: Marauder, Sorcerer.
Republic team:
Tank: Guardian,
Healer: Commando,
Dps: Shadow, Gunslinger.
Which is why I think somehow they should allow some kind of multi access accounts,
ie. pay twice as much a month and two people can log into one account and choose two characters from the same legacy.

And a hope for expansion classes.
Imperial Guard - Revanite.
Tank/healer/PvP - Melee Dps.
Heavy armor for both.
Since the class is brought after release adding another stat would be too much so I think they should use two stats one for each advanced class.
Aim Techblades/staves for healer, tank.
and Strength Vibroblades/staves for dps.
To make it more unique make the dps spec a stance dance spec would be amazing.
The class stories would revolve around the Emperor and Revan's fight with the emperor.
And Legacy wise:
Hodir has a Twin who is also in the Imperial guard.
While Tai'daishar's son is in the revanite group.
And they aren't caught in the rest of the Legacy but actually work together out of respect to bring down the emperor.

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04.02.2012 , 12:26 PM | #27
crap, scylla is taken.. gotta reserve names while i can... darnit echidna's taken too, stheno is a mule... /sigh
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04.02.2012 , 12:42 PM | #28
Is it so wrong to create a Cathar named Hobbes?

For those who have played every Wing Commander game out there, you know who I'm talking about. lol
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04.02.2012 , 12:56 PM | #29
What about incest?

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04.02.2012 , 12:58 PM | #30

Not sure where I orginally posted, but it was moved to the community thread rather than here. Basically, my 4 republic girls are all sisters. I have one Sith on that server (Dreshidae Cantina), so I'm going to have to mark her as a rival, although she will never advance beyond where she is now.

Having an issue with my Imperial characters on Grandmaster Zym. Have 2 Sith purebloods, one as self entitled as she can be, with being advanced in the Sith training. The other, being a SI, spent part of her life as a slave. I'm not sure how I can make them connected except by cousins maybe.

My two Chiss are harder to explain on that family tree, and I haven't figured that one out yet.