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About Karen Traviss Hate...

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04.03.2012 , 09:11 AM | #151
Quote: Originally Posted by KitRoakr View Post
OK, Mr. Walsh. I have a question for you. Karen Traviss was recruited by Lucas arts specifically for the purpose of developing the Mandalorian culture. Mandalorians killing Jedi was around long before Traviss was commissioned to write for the SW EU. The Mandalorian language did not even originate with Traviss. So... my question is: Why is this all Karen Traviss's fault?

You depict yourself as a “professor”. I argue that I professor would know that to make a reasonable argument, you must do two things. One: base your claims on research of credible sources (posters on a forum without credentials do not count) and recognize validity in the opposite side of the argument. Come on… If you want to pretend to be a professor, at least you can try to comment like one.
This was the original Post reguarding Walsh's Professor hood in question ...........but not the first post he has told people he was a professor in a away to discredit them . I go to College by the way and no one who teaches there even at the lowest of levels has time to do obsession attacks on anyone , even a Author they do not like .

Quote: Originally Posted by ProfessorWalsh View Post
No. No she wasn't.

Karen Traviss was asked to write stories based around the concepts explored in the "Republic Commando" video game series. She was never hired to develop the Mandalorian culture, she simply chose to do that.

Well, for starters Mandalorians killing Jedi actually was a very very rare thing before Karen Traviss. They certainly weren't capable of doing it regularly. Canonically before Traviss the Mandalorians always stomped over all opposition until the Jedi showed up and defeated them.

In the Mandalorian Wars, for example, of KotOR fame, the Mandalorians lost once Revan and a portion of the Jedi Order became involved.

Canonically, as per the original novelization of the Empire Strikes Back, the Mandalorian Empire had been wiped out by the Jedi Order at the request of the Galactic Republic.

Pretend? You are rather full of yourself in that regard. I am a professor, quite literally, I'm a college professor by trade. As in that is what I do for a living kid.

I have made a reasonable argument, which has been backed up in numerous sources. Also to recognize the validity in an argument the argument has to be valid and none of the Mandalorian supporters, or Karen Traviss herself, have been able to make one. None of them can reconcile the major lore alterations Karen Traviss made to the lore of the canon of the Mandalorian culture.

In fact, her writing turned the Mandalorians, a group of brave and honorable warriors, into a bunch of whining, crying, and immature hypocrites who criticize others for the very things that they do and who will condemn another group for something that they do as a core component of their culture.
^Only after this post did I follow in on the Professor hood. I guess you would have to spend time reading the whole thread to see that .

Funny how someone gets upset at the same critic standards they themselves set and expect everyone to walk around the personal life they made public in order to say "Hey look I am a Professor so I must be write and you are wrong" .

Funny part is this does have a real insult in it where he called someone a KID but I guess it must be ok because out of all the post erased this stuck .

If I put on here what I did in my real life and was caught by my employer or I would be terminated . Not to mention when you guys would put me under the microscope it would be my fault and not yours for doing so .

You guys do know the refrence "Online Bullying" . How bought "Obsession" ?

Constant attacks on Karen in more than one thread does in fact fall under the law of Online Bullying and is a reportable offense , something a Professor would never get caught up in doing . As that person would hopefully be smarter than the rest of us and above doing so.

The fact that you guys went for me and instead of the original poster of the topic of his Real Life Career shows me
1. no one looked back to see if it was me or not
2. I wouldn't doubt he rallied some of you to his defense
3. I was a easier topic as really I never can find 1 thing I find agreeable about attacking someone through countless of post and threads who at this very moment have no Job at or doing anything for Lucas/StarWars/ or any Brand of .

4. These threads are petty and it really brings out the characters of the real people posting in them and how they would go to any distance to attack someone.

Threads with all having Karen being attacked and all having the same peopel foing it :
About Karen Traviss Hate...
Karen Traviss versus Barbara Hambly
Petition to get Mara Jade back
The Status Quo Has Been Restored
Mara Jade

^ Walsh just made 1 of those threads but is all but 1

I think you all have made above and beyond statement of what you think of Karen and it is safe to say that we all know as well .

Now with the last few post directed at me in subject to Walsh, I am happy I could give Karen's name a break.

KitRoakr I am sorry for throwing you under the bus but it wasn't to save me but to prove a point on how quick people are to assume something and stand to a cause of something that is not totally true . If you are upset KitRoakr I am completely sorry to no ends .

What Walsh does in his real life is his buisness , but when you lay it out for everyone it becomes debatable .
What I do in my real life is no ones buisness and so you will never see me tell anyone what I do in my real life . I can tell you that it is important enough to where I would get fired for posting negativity about anyone real or not . What I do is nowhere on the Level of a Professor but I can tell you the people I have in my classes teaching me the courses I need for my Career and future employments do not have the time to be on here addressing every post and nor would they use their Profession as a way to prove they are right.

This is the internet and I cannot count how many times I have come across teachers , lawyers , senators , MMO GMs , MMO Devs , Cops , People working at McDonalds(More than likely true as I cannot see why anyone would lie about that other than to be funny) .
Most MMO companies make it against forum rules to talk about your real life jobs , maybe that is for the best. I just personally see no reason in it and it holds really no ground.

You want to continue to attack me , well thats not hard to believe with the characteristics of the people who are endlessly attacking a REAL PERSON Karen Traviss over A MADE UP REALITY that has no real Baring on the REAL WORLD or YOUR PERSONAL LIVES. I could not imagine going to a School that I pay 50k a year for classes I will depend on for the rest of my life , when that teacher is worried about things that carry no weight in the real world and would go to a number of writen post to attack that person and discredit her and anyone that defends her.

I find it laughable that people would want other to respect the personal life of a poster who is countlessly attacking a real life person . I know 2 wrongs do not make a right but when is it enough? In all seriousness it looks like a obsession and it is gone on through not just 1 thread but many !
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04.03.2012 , 09:33 AM | #152
Hello everyone!

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