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Raise Server Population Caps

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Raise Server Population Caps

JadeJedi's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 06:56 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Posiden View Post
Over 70+ US servers and most of them have queues.

I've already gotten my Trooper through Coruscant, I don't want to re-roll. Please do something to fix this issue.

Re-Rolling at this point is not going to fix anything... You go to another server and it is going to fill and have queue's... We are kind of just stuck at this point, at least until sometime after launch and attrition culls the heard.

Vidos's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 06:57 PM | #12
Awesome... 60 minutes into the Qute timer... got a error 1003 ... had 37 minutes left... And now i have to rejoin the Que... Is it to late to cancle our pre-order ? this might be a better more enjoyable experience when the game is actually done... ill end up wasting my free month while bio ware is still messing around with the game and all that..

I dont know... Beta is understandable... But i thought they did stress testing... and i thought they would know how many pre oder codes they have sold... they did say they were going to keep a close eye on that, and stagger the codes upon launch, and that even some people might not be able to play right away because they wanted to make sure it all went smooth... Well sorry to say... but this is every BESIDES SMOOTH !

Crackerjacks's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 06:57 PM | #13
I'm on the east coast and have ~80 minute queues. Thanks for assigning my guild to fatman bioware!

The_Stig's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 06:58 PM | #14
Bioware, fix this idiotic problem. Three days in and hour long waits ? And if you get DCed for any reason you are put in a que ? **** you!


Vidos's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 07:00 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Stig View Post
Bioware, fix this idiotic problem. Three days in and hour long waits ? And if you get DCed for any reason you are put in a que ? **** you!
My thoughts Exactly !!! thank you ! this is making me rage, and become a troll... 4 hours now... and haven't been able to log in, 3x i have been kicked from the server queue before it let me in.

NURTA's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 07:02 PM | #16
"Ee cha wamma."

Dvbs's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 07:04 PM | #17
I hate to see what the servers are going to look like on release and chritmas. 3hr waits and I also agree.

Jaku's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 07:05 PM | #18
I think we all need to calm down, take a deep breath.

"Your chances come in two shapes. Slim, and fat." - Mace Windu

This is a story driven story.

Anomini's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 07:05 PM | #19
If this was a real actual factual petition? Then I'd so be signing this. I'm signing this, anyway.

My wait has now been over an hour (it initially said one hour, total), and I'm still only 486th in line (although I started at 980, I suppose that's some sort of improvement?). I just wanted to play. Now I'm nervous it'll end up like yesterday where it crashed to desktop, and I had a 45 minute wait, just to get back in. Only now it might be worse of a wait, so am hoping they'll up the server limit or whatnot. @_@

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BillEverson's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 07:07 PM | #20
if nothing else, how about a DEVELOPER man up and explain a) why there are queues, b) what they plan to do about it and c) why they haven't done it yet.

They have a day or two more of this **** before I cancel. I didn't pay $60 to sit at my desk for 2 hours and refresh forums repeatedly while not being allowed to use the product I paid for.

Bioware, I love this game, please, for the LOVE OF GOD, don't **** this up.