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Darth Bane

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10.05.2014 , 12:09 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Malles View Post
Off topic: Palpatine was NOT following the Rule of Two. At least, not when he became Emperor. To him an apprentice was more enforcer than predecessor. He purposely gimped Vader with a cyborg body to cripple his power enough so he wouldn't pose a serious threat to Palpatine. After the Republic fell Palpatine's main goal became, for lack of a better term, unlimited power. First step, he had to live long enough to get that.

Vader followed the Rule of Two better than Palpatine in training Starkiller, though I'm not even sure he was even aware of the rule. He just got cold feet when Palpatine found out about him.
Err... what? How did he "purposefully gimp Vader"? Was he behind Obi-wan whispering 'cut off all his limbs'?

Sidious straight up told Yoda "Darth Vader will become more powerful then either of us." So no, he didn't gimp anything.

In Plagueis, it is mentioned that they're seeking immortality and if they attain it the Rule of Two would be obsolete (at least as far Sith propagation went). And Palpatine is bending it at best with training Maul and Tyrannus at the same time (unless you make the case that they were minions all along- Maul certainly was). But even though he's seeking immortality Sidious never outright breaks it. Say Vader hadn't been gimped. Even in that case, if Sidious became immortal the Rule of Two would still hold as Vader wouldn't eclipse him in power.