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My Shock Deception Assassin build

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My Shock Deception Assassin build

Novarium's Avatar

03.28.2012 , 08:16 PM | #11

Not bad for first attempt but there are some better variations that you can use depending if u prefer burst damage or slightly more consistant damage.
Burst damage ^
more consistant damage and a bit more utility ^

hope those two builds help you fix a few things

note both of those builds have been personally tested by me. I dodnt post builds that i have not personally tested.
If your just starting out i would recomend the burst build because it is more simple, if your a rather decent MMO player i would recomend the second build because the increase utility can really help change the out come of a battle.

Enexemander's Avatar

03.28.2012 , 11:11 PM | #12
Skipping Recirculation is a dps loss.

It's somewhat counter-intuitive, but actually stacking to 5 is a straight up dps loss to simply using Discharge on cooldown.

kijthae's Avatar

03.29.2012 , 05:54 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Enexemander View Post
I'm afraid you are mistaken. When I pop cooldowns, my shock can and does crit for 5k, with the follow-up shock from the talent critting for around 2k. That's 7k of damage for 1 gcd. That is true burst. The next is discharge (unaffected by armor and thus unaffected by charge mastery, btw) that can also crit for 5k.

12k of damage in 2 gcds is the definition of burst.

I agree that force speed and shroud are important, but not important enough for me to give up a healthy chunk of my damage. Besides, they only lower the cooldown. I still have access to the abilities regularly.
I got these stats

Shock deals energy damage its damage can be reduced by armor , discharge with surging charge deals internal damage and its only reduced by %10 by inquisher/councelar buff + some skill trees if they got.

As deception my shock never crits more then 4k to equal geared players if your shock crits 5k this means your target is a fresh lvl 50 and you can kill them by pressing random buttons and if you casted discharge on him with recklessness , offensive cooldowns , 5x buff ( even 3x is enough ) to discharge active you could deal more then 5k on him/her for sure.

As you see from my screen shot i got %35 crit chance , its %40 if i got imperial buff. Add %9 from Exploitive Strikes to this its almost %50. My maul crits are 4k-5.7k ( its effected by armor too but you have talent to ignore %50 armor ) and most important thing is maul is spammable.. I'm emphasizing again chain shock might be making you feel you deal burst damage on paper but if your target has damage reduction buffs like barrier , guard or recieving heals and your target is not undergeared then you , your maul/discharge become your most effective burst tools.

I used to use shock as my nuke then I started to use maul/discharge with my offensive cooldowns , beleive me or not it makes me feel like an operative.Only difference between ops and assains is ops using 3 buttons to deal burst but assasin needs little bit more time.

Citywok's Avatar

03.29.2012 , 09:36 AM | #14

Dude you gotta go with this spec. You picked a few things you don't need. You can put 3 points in chain shock and 2 in the darkness tree if you want, but the points in darkness ARE important. 9% armor avoidance when attacking.

This is 3/31/7 btw