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Questions about non-RP players on RP servers

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Questions about non-RP players on RP servers

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12.16.2011 , 05:55 PM | #1
Hello RP-ers,

I just wanted to run something by the RP community and see what you all think. I don't actually RP but I decided to roll on an RP server because on the whole I feel like there is a more mature community there. I am somewhat interested in RP-ing (what Star Wars fan hasn't imagined what it's like to live in the Star Wars universe?) though at the moment I'll probably just be learning the game.

That introduction aside, I also have a friend who wants to roll on the server with me but he has absolute no interest in RP-ing. He isn't the type to be rude and try to ruin anyone's immersion so I feel like there is no problem there. What I am interested in is what the community feels about non-RP characters (though respectful) on the server.

Also, since my friend and I would like to run instances and eventually raid (hopefully), would the fact that we don't RP cause a problem for us in finding groups? From what I saw, the general chat seems to be OOC so I was wondering if RP-ers would go through these events without the RP if I asked in general.

Any comments would be appreciated and hopefully I haven't unknowingly rubbed anyone the wrong way with my lack of knowledge/experience in this area as I posed my questions.

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12.16.2011 , 06:43 PM | #2
As long as you dont do anything that may negatively impact someone elses RP, most commonly people talking OOC (Out of Character) in the /say, /shout channels then in general no one will care. Well, they wont know he's not an RPer anyway.

I'd say choose your server carefully and try and get a little bit more involved, who knows.. maybe your friend will pick it up after all. There was a time where none of us were RPers
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12.16.2011 , 06:44 PM | #3
I'm not going to claim to be an expert on RPing because I'm not. I will say that I roled on an RP server because first impressions are that the community there is most like what I was used to coming out of City of Heroes where I played for 5 years. And there, I played on the "unofficial" RP server, meaning the server where the RPers congregated. It wasn't ever officially labeled as such. Since the rules of the servers don't do anything to enforce RP, I'm going to say that the RP servers here are going to wind up a lot like Virtue was with a community that's very tolerant of RP and RPers in general and it's going to be much easier to find those things and people but that no one is going to expect everyone to run around being IC 24/7 or else.

On Virtue, the hard core RPers (yes, they exist) tended to group amongst themselves and they didn't tend to advertise for random groupmates much, so it was pretty hard to wind up in an uncomfortable situation where you accidentally being OOC or IC at the wrong moment or in the wrong way was going to get awkward although it did occasionally happen. At the same time, if you felt like you wanted to play IC on a mission or two in a light manner, no one was generally going to get all bent out of shape about it, either. And, that's what I liked about Virtue. I never really developed much in the way of deep, long-running storylines for my characters, but they did all have definite personalities, and on some nights, I felt like acting out in chat in those personalities. And that's where being on an RP server is attractive to me. I can be my characters on those nights and no one looks at me funny or complains that I'm trying to RP.

I would say that so long as you and your buddy are polite and respect that the server is designed to be a home for RP just like PvP servers are designed to be homes for PvP, then you should be fine. RP is meant to occur there and not at all out of place.

And try not to name your characters things like OMGzilla or anything.
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