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[Mandalore the Indomitable] Can't log into server

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[Mandalore the Indomitable] Can't log into server
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HuntinSikness's Avatar

03.27.2012 , 09:02 PM | #1
A guildy and I cannot log into Mandalore the Indomitable. We were kicked from the game simultaneously and can't get in.
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The_Valkyrie's Avatar

03.27.2012 , 09:03 PM | #2
Observed by Retribution as well. Several people unable to load in/zone.
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The_Valkyrie's Avatar

03.27.2012 , 09:04 PM | #3
Doesn't seem to be related to location. Have 2 east coasters, 2 west coasters and a couple MST guys who can't load.
Automaton - Raid Leader of <Retribution>

16 man - 10/10 nightmare mode
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Maloodin's Avatar

03.27.2012 , 09:06 PM | #4
i was on the station when i was just kicked off

getting errior code 9000

FTWhitledge's Avatar

03.27.2012 , 09:07 PM | #5
Yep same problem on Mandalore. Booted off and now stuck on loading screen trying to log back in.

Seraun's Avatar

03.27.2012 , 09:07 PM | #6
In AZ got kicked out in alderaan. I have a buddy in AZ still on but very very laggy.

Beakertanks's Avatar

03.27.2012 , 09:08 PM | #7

can't get into Mandalore either. Got kicked in middle of killing something.
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Rhodiola's Avatar

03.27.2012 , 09:12 PM | #8
Was on this server, got super laggy so i tried restarting the game and as i try to log into to server i get an error code: 9000

Seraun's Avatar

03.27.2012 , 09:12 PM | #9
Just connected......

lets keep our fingers crossed

Murcius's Avatar

03.27.2012 , 09:12 PM | #10
I am also on Mandalore the Indomitable I had to alt+F4 to get out of the game. It acted like I got DC'd, the mob I was attacking just stopped and I was sitting there for at least 5 minutes. I was on Hutta when this happened. My latency was at 38 the entire time.