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Button Basher? what am i missing??

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Button Basher? what am i missing??

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03.28.2012 , 05:50 AM | #21
Meh - looks like a mod didn't like my post defending Eternalnight. Can't think that there was anything particularly controversial in there, apart from maybe a bit of sarcasm, and that in fact it had a lot of useful information about different kinds of abilities.
The dig at Canadians from someone else stayed though, so I guess the mod in question isn't a Canadian.
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03.28.2012 , 09:12 AM | #22
Combat isn't so tough once you figure a few things out. My apologies if some of this has been covered as I didn't read every post.

My personal tips:

(1) Learn how hard things are to kill. All mobs have a tag on them if you hover your mouse over them that tells you how tough they are. They generally go in this order: Weak > Normal > Strong > Elite > Champion > ???.

Weak and normal mobs tend to gather in packs of 3 to 5. Attacking one will bring the whole pack, but they are easier to kill.

Strong mobs tend to be found by themselves but can come in groups with other mobs (weak/normal). The typical group is 1 strong, 1 normal or maybe 1 strong and 2 weak. I have seen packs of 2 strong mobs but those are kind of rare.

Elites meant to be killed by one player are almost always single mobs. Heroic/group missions will have packs of 2 or more elites at once.

(2) Kill weak/normal mobs before strong ones. This reduces the amount of overage damage you have incoming.

(3) Learn which abilities you have that take weak/normal mobs out of the action. For example, if you throw a Bounty Hunters sticky bomb on a weak mob he panicks until it blows up a few seconds later. When he's panicking he's not attacking you. This is a good thing

Attacks like this don't take Strong or higher mobs out of the action. They just keep shooting.

Just look for something like this in your ability texts: "Against weak or normal mobs this will do <whatever> for <x> seconds."

(4) Go see your trainer every time you level up.

(5) Keep your crew skills as current as you can, and visit that trainer often too. The stuff you make with your crafting crew skill generally makes your life a lot easier while out running your missions.

(6) Learn what kind of gear your companion uses and keep theirs up to date too. There is an option in the UI settings that will add your companion's gear to the comparion tooltips that pop up. It is off by default (why I don't know).
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