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Talent Tree and Advanced Class Questions

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Talent Tree and Advanced Class Questions

Twinbros's Avatar

03.26.2012 , 09:07 AM | #1
Alright so I have a few questions regarding Talent Tree's and Advanced classes. I currently have a few characters that I have already decided on what tree they will take. But want to clarify what they are and how viable they will be in PVP or Operations. And a few questions for future characters when (if) new species become playable (Go Togruta and Nautolan!)

1. Jedi Telekinesis Sage- From what I understand the Sage Advanced Class is the Healing/Ranged Damage Tree. I'm assuming this class is just as comfortable in PVP as it is in Operations?

2. Trooper Tactics Vanguard- First and foremost how viable is this spec? I feel as if going into Vanguard instead of Commando is an automatic handicap when it comes to damage output as the Vanguard spec is intended more for Tanks. And from what I gather Tactics is a Melee DPS tree. Is this intended for PVP only or is it useful in Operations as well?

The next two questions are for planned characters.

3. Jedi Focus Sentinel- I'm completely unfamiliar with Jedi DPS as my current Jedi is a Defense Guardian. Of the 3 tree's how does focus stack up to the rest? Is it a PVP or Operations Tree?

4. Jedi (Balance vs. Kinetic Combat) Shadow- So from what I read Kinetic Combat is the Tank spec, but all the Tanks I've come across have either been Troopers or Jedi Guardians. Can Jedi Shadows really Tank? And how does Balance Shadows fair vs Infiltration Shadows? What role do they play in PVP or PVE?

Any clarification would be appreciated.

hadoken's Avatar

03.26.2012 , 09:55 AM | #2
1. Better at PVE than PVP, Madness is the better PVP spec (right now the hybrid being the best at both, though that will change in 1.2).

2. Vanguard Assault = Powertech Pyro, one of the most lethal AC combos in the game for PVP (very high burst, great mobility, decent defense). We'll see with logs how well they are in the PVE department but their dps should be very high given how well they do in PVP.

3. Focus Sentinel is not so different from Focus Guardian, all about setting up the big sweep damage. It's not as effective in PVP or PVE as Watchman, but easier to play.

4. Shadows tank fine, right now the KC shadow in DPS gear is one of the top two PVP classes (alongside watchman sent) in the game. From what I hear their PVE output in damage is poor, regardless of spec. Logs will tell.

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03.26.2012 , 10:48 AM | #3
Thanks for the response