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Why the selective coustomer service?

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Why the selective coustomer service?
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Ojas's Avatar

03.25.2012 , 11:46 AM | #1
I play the game for 3 days with the name "BruceWillis". Before I get to lvl 21, all my characters were deleted (except for the main) who had to change both the first and last name.

However, players I have reported several times with the name "Barack Obama" and "TaylorSwift" are running around valor lvl 70 and STILL haven't been pinched.

There is no way your CSRs did not single me out. How is that acceptable.

Rankyn's Avatar

03.25.2012 , 11:59 AM | #2
Pretty sure the GM's wouldn't delete your characters.

Ogada's Avatar

03.25.2012 , 12:08 PM | #3 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hi Ojas,

A GM would never deleted your characters. Ever. If you have broken the Terms or Service or the End User License Agreement, your characters will be flagged for a rename when you next log in.

Thank you for your time.
Ogada | BioWare Customer Service Forum Support

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03.25.2012 , 12:42 PM | #4
people speed, but.not everyone gets pulled over. You knew you were breaking the rules and got caught. Thems the breaks.
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