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The Status Quo Has Been Restored

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The Status Quo Has Been Restored

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03.29.2012 , 12:32 PM | #241
Quote: Originally Posted by Aximand View Post
Except she had previously faced the exact same thing with the Vong and helped develop the techniques that became standard when facing them. What Beviin did was absolutely nothing new to Jaina's combat experience.
I certainly can agree with similar, but not exact same thing. The vong were invisible to the force (so to speak). Beviin and Jaina are not. So when Beviin attacked Jaina and Jaina did not sense the foresight of his intent despite sensing him clearly in the force, she was unprepared for that; and likewise when Jaina used the same technique against Caedus (who was also distracted by other things as well.) Caedus suffered from the same issue that a great many of Sith suffered from. He assumed he knew pretty much everything. In this case, he assumed he knew exactly how Jaina was going to fight. After all, they learned side by side for 90% of their training, they fought side by side quite a bit, and they learned from the same Jedi Master's techniques just the same?

So I ask? What could Jaina have learned from Luke that Caedus didn't already know? Luke didn't beat Caedus with skill of lightsaber technique. He beat him with superior power in the force that has come from decades more training in the force, meditation in the force, and experience in his limitations in the force.

Jaina knew that her brother knew everything she knew. She also knew that her uncle and the other senior Jedi did not hold back on thier training, so her and Caedus were taught anything and everything they could possibly learn in the time they had to train. So, Jaina went to the one group that ever made a serious and significant stand against Jedi and/or Sith. The Mandalorians. She had to learn something that Caedus was likely to not know.

Also keep these two things in mind. Traviss did not come up with the idea of Mandalorians being Jedi killers. That was around long before she entered the picture. Secondly, Boba Fett was not the one to train her. Beviin was. She went to Boba Fett, but he refered her to Beviin as the more experienced person in force-user combat.
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