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Got me a new companion...***?

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Got me a new companion...***?

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03.23.2012 , 12:04 PM | #1
Playing Sith Assassin.....I didn't think any companions in the entire game could get dropped faster than a geared up Khem Val....until I got Xalek... Man... this guy gets straight ROLLED.

So I am level 47, Sith Assassin.. Decided to give Ashara a break and run with Xalek for a bit... Needed the change. I went and geared up Xalek.. here are the stats I went for.

HP = 13,980
Modded him in this order. Endurance/WP/Shield/Absorb (basically my setup).

I crafted him some good gear for this level (purple and blue) and bought him some implants, etc.

He pretty much took 90% of his health in the first even level mob on Voss within the first 10 seconds... So.... I de-toggled his "taunt" and changed his stance to the lesser threat stance. In fights I make sure to try and spam my taunts to keep anything off him...

Here is the problem... In that very short time he takes aggro.. he takes insane amounts of damage. I fought a lvl47 Gormak (melee) Elite and wan't able to stop his Ravage attack before it ran through on Xalek... OMG... Xalek was full health and took 10k dmg from that one attack... Xalek was dead within the first 10 seconds of the fight... after all that gear and money spent.

So..... is there a setup for Xalek that people are using? Haven't seen much on him on forums. He has about 2k more HP than I do and even has better gear than I do right now... and this dude gets dropped faster than Khem Val who still has lvl29 gear on him.
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03.23.2012 , 12:15 PM | #2
I would direct you to the inquisitor forums; there are many discussions on this topic. Basically Xalek is currently bugged and slated to be fixed (presumably with 1.2). He currently does not benefit from shield and absorb rating as he should. Outfit him with defense stat and he does just fine; also, he may be better suited as a sorcerer companion than assassin, because he is designed to be a tank, and you have no way to keep him healed as an assassin. I have not worked with him in dps mod with dps gear, so cannot comment, but as a sorcerer, I used him as a tank from the day I got him and have never pulled Khem out since. Of course I no longer need a tank, as I can keep Ashara alive while she mows everything down, but Xalek does work, just not fully as intended.
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