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Does SWTOR feel like "Your Story"?

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Does SWTOR feel like "Your Story"?

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03.23.2012 , 03:51 PM | #21
Not MY story. More like the game's story.
My problem was that the backstory I made up for my character didn't match the game's plot at all.

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08.17.2012 , 02:23 PM | #22
It's been a few months. How does eveyone feel now concerning "Your Story".

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08.17.2012 , 02:56 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Urael View Post
I like playing SWTOR. I do. Sure I have my complaints (we all do), but I still like playing. The subject of this post is:

Does SWTOR feel like "Your Story"?

Please discuss how you feel about the story and your personal reactions to the story. Intersted to know how you feel from your "main character's" perspective and from your "alt characters'" perspectives.

For me. I started with an Imperial Agent. Right from the git go it just didn't feel like "my story" and that has been the prevailing feeling thru all the alts I have played since.

There have been many times I have just wanted to scream because "I" wouldn't have reacted "that way" or "made that decision". This esepcially comes into play with LS and DS choices and "companion faction" choices.

Anyway how do you feel? Is SWTOR "Your Story"?

In short, yes. Absolutely.

I think there's a definitely personal preference for an archetype character that will draw some people in to one story more than another.

For me personally, I am so in love with the Imperial Agent story that I rolled the same character 3 times. No joke. Everything about that character is totally the type of character I could role play as if I could create the environment. I never encountered any case where I felt I didn't have a choice that fit, and I felt like the final decision I made in the end was exactly the path I was heading down.

Now this is not true of all the classes I've played. My experience with the Consular was like the OP's. I didn't feel that I could play that character the way I wanted, and that I was being shoehorned into a role. I also played a Smuggler and Bounty Hunter. I didn't get into those quite as much as the agent either (BH was my second favorite). I don't blame the class story - it's just me. Some personalities click more than others.
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08.17.2012 , 03:18 PM | #24
Playing a full LS JK, there were some points where I probably would have played differently if the option did not lead to DS points. That being said, I was seriously trying to hit LS5 by the end of the story and when I discovered that did not happen I was a little upset - I would made those DS choices. Live and learn though.

The smuggler, on the other hand, definitely has a "my story" feel to it. Playing it rather neutral I can make whatever choices I want depending on MY mood (even in FPs I've done multiple times I have made different choices based solely on my mood).

Same thing goes for the BH I just started playing. I made a decision to play her personality a certain way and I am making conversation choices accordingly.

On the other hand, I just could not get into the SW because it felt like I had to always make the DS choices.

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08.17.2012 , 03:25 PM | #25
Depends what you mean by "your story".

I think the approach they took was very good. The classic BioWare formula is of course to have a totally blank slate character that could be absolutely anything you want it to be, like in Dragon Age: Origins. SWTOR goes against this, and with very good reason - because it's set in the Star Wars universe.

What kid hasn't dreamed of being Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo, or Boba Fett? That's exactly what you get to do in this game. Play as an iconic character but with your own touches of "me" in them. And it's spot on (for me) at least, even if it's not as flexible as some would have liked.

All I know is that I'm literally unable to enjoy any other game since picking up SWTOR. There are thousands of RPGs out there but none of them appeal to me as personally as these ones, being a Star Wars fan. And there's such an absurd amount of content that even 7 months after release I haven't finished all 8 class storylines, and even have plans to replay some of them once more character slots open up.
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08.17.2012 , 09:49 PM | #26
Is it my story? Um...kind of?

It's nothing like previous generations of cRPGs, what I think of as literate RPGs, wherein you got more than three choices, you saw exactly what you're going to say, and writers were free to create enormous branching conversation networks from there. The "mood wheel" necessarily forces the writers toward simplified conversation trees and, as a result, coarser, less nuanced responses.

SWTOR does an uneven but mostly good job of at least giving you three different responses, instead of, say, Dragon Age 2, in which you could always say precisely the same thing in one of three vocal inflections. In fact, it's extremely, painfully obvious when SWTOR forces you like that. And it's obvious because it's not that common.

My feeling of autonomy, of acting like my character instead of nudging somebody else's character to the right or left of the same track, varied by class:

  • Imperial Agent was by far the best. Vastly different potential actions covering most of the natural impulses I had in response to events. The events themselves were often terrifyingly restrictive/forceful, but my options for responding were varied and I felt satisfied with what I could do 90% of the time. (Sometimes - particularly the end of Act 1 - I was absolutely floored that the writers thought to give me the option I was secretly, hopelessly hoping for. Good job.)
  • Smuggler was pretty good. It had a tendency toward "same thing, different voice," but since the class story's strength was its dialogue, that voice distinction was valuable. And it did give different action responses. I was playing a wittier version of the character I was sort of writing.
  • Trooper I've been iffy with, especially since I did exhaustive versions of some companion conversations and saw that every possible path through the entire conversation led to precisely the same response lines and precisely the same affection gains. Not a fan, guys. I wasn't playing me or even anybody I could really identify with.
  • Sith Warrior rarely gave me an intuitive choice, but it gave options for strongly typed roles. It's strong LS/DS, but managed not to feel forced or cliche about it. My Warrior felt like she was mine.
  • Sith Inquisitor was pretty bad. Three variants on "herp derp I'll do the stupid now!", which made it a cascade of hilarity rather than a roleplaying experience. Fun as hell itself, but it wasn't "my" story.
  • Jedi Knight was a traditional Somebody Else's Story, and it was meant to be. I was okay with going for the chosen-hero ride.

So while I rarely felt like I was truly controlling my destiny, I was usually satisfied with the experience as crafted.
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08.17.2012 , 09:59 PM | #27
It doesn't really feel like my story in my opinion.

Main Reason: Illusion of choice. Your choices don't matter (With the possible exception of Agent story) because in the end, you always reach the same thing. Get the same ending. Also, your options are limited.

For example, at the end of Belsavis involving Skadge on my BH, I wanted to shoot that guy's face off, but I can't. The game won't let me.

The only way I can make it feel like my story is if I RP.
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08.18.2012 , 01:02 PM | #28
Trooper felt the most like "My story" because you are a more down-to-earth kind of person than any other class. It also helps that my Trooper, unlike all my other non-Force using characters, is male.

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08.18.2012 , 01:15 PM | #29
All of my characters choices are based on how I think my Jedi/Sith/BountyHunter/Trooper should answer. Not how I think the story wants me to answer it. Hell, I picked a Sith to fully embrace the dark side and somehow found myself making lightside decisions to the point where I am now light I where I was just dark II earlier in the day. I do immerse myself in the game as much as possible so to the extent it can, all the Alts I play have been MY STORY.

But then I also play the characters how I see them in my head. All of them have a backstory. Even if they have a story given to them by BioWare, I mold those stories to fit my own need and play style. My Mara was once a Jedi. According to me. My Shadow is from a clan who has ties all over the galaxy, which actually comes from the EU comics and books. (Diath) My trooper was pressed into service when his "brother" became a Jedi.

It's all about how much you can make it feel like your own and I've done that in most cases.
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08.22.2012 , 01:54 AM | #30
My story? Some classes moreso than others. Best fit with the character I had in my head when I created him was Bounty Hunter, going will all dark side choices. Hutta started him off with just the right feel. Smuggler, on the other hand, while I like how Gunslinger handles, the story was jarring from the start with who I knew in my head my smuggler is.

This is all on me, however, as I do create my characters with personalities & backstories etc. So I don't expect the SWTOR class story to necessarily jibe. It is tedious when every time my smuggler has a conversation with a female NPC there is a good chance that I'll see a prompt to [Flirt]... and my smuggler is capital N capital I, Not Interested.

I do enjoy seeing how the class stories unfold, regardless. But as a roleplayer, my story is the one that's playing out in my own head. That's okay too.