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Medpacks... are you kidding me?!?!!?!?

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Medpacks... are you kidding me?!?!!?!?
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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04.10.2012 , 09:12 AM | #701
Quote: Originally Posted by Darthdubstep View Post
The WoW medpacks actually heal 25-30% of your health, sometimes more. The rakata medpack heals like a crusty terd.
25% if you're a priest in blues maybe...

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04.10.2012 , 12:33 PM | #702
Quote: Originally Posted by Macroecon View Post
Overall this was not a well thought out rule change.
Totally agreed. If it made HM FP and Operations trivial - they could add that rule only there and leave general PvE alone. Horrible decision.

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04.11.2012 , 06:23 AM | #703
Quote: Originally Posted by bigheadbrandon View Post
how can they design challenging fights around players being able to just pop medpacks every 90 seconds

deal with it bub
I have played SWTOR alone since day 1. The long cooldown time for using pots makes some missions insanely difficult to play without a party. What can I say, most of the time I play alone. And I like adventuring alone without anyone telling me where to go. Now I am really stuck and I believe I must play the mission I have now to continue. If I cannot find aomeone to help me. I will quit playing altogether.

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04.11.2012 , 07:57 AM | #704
Quote: Originally Posted by Moshpet View Post
Medpacs can now only be used once per fight. When a medpac is used during combat, another cannot be used until after combat has ended.

This is a huge mistake.

1- There exists no mechanic to determine when a fight over and the next mob begins for your character alone. Considering that there exists a bug where you companion agros mobs on it's own now.... this becomes even more problematic.

2- Group mechanics currently can not differentiate if you are out of combat if your party wanders off and attacks something while you yourself are trying to catch a second wind. This is clearly demonstrated by elevators that will not let you use them if you party is in combat, loot boxes that can not be opened and the like.

2a- Does anyone NOT see a problem when -1- member of a Operation is -stuck- in combat mode and no one can use a med pack????

3-This change was not asked for by the player community.

1) rather weird but I think since early access I found that my chars can only use their regenation ability AFTER the fight has ended.

So, as I've been very much able to recup, etc. my characters over and over again during gameplay (without having to log out, die or anything else fight interrupting) there is obviously a game mechanic in place that understands whether you are in combat or not.

My hint therefore: play the game before you make a claim to a 'flaw'.

2) Well, d'oh! Guess what: you are supposed to be a TEAM! And teams talk to each other! And they even take care of each other!

So, if your buddies go charging off after the last fight on to the next fight without checking the status of everybody in their group (and in turn the healer doing his job) your group is a fail! Simple as that! Don't blame your own lack of skill on the game!

2a) IF somebody were stuck in combat mode, yes, that would be a (minor) problem.

Minor because - assuming that this also blocks your own healing ability - your group healer can still do his job... and being in combat mode wouldn't actually mean that you are really fighting so this is no panic 'OMG, we are going to die! Die!' situation but instead you could actually sit down and scratch your butt while you get healed.

IF your group is incapable of doing that (due to ppl just charging off as they are already in combat mode or due to there being no healer in group), well, as said in 2) - Your group is a fail!

3) So... you know exactly what the player community is asking for? NVM...

see, the thing is that you are just playing the game, you are not designing it!

BW are coming up with things that should be changed based on their own evaluation of the game, they don't go 'the players feel that the grass on Alderaan should be purple, hustle people, we need to change that ASAP!'

If they step into the smelly brown stuff (no matter if a change was player or BW suggested), they'll (eventually, potentially) re-address the situation. It's called game balancing... which tends to be an on-going thing in pretty much all MMOs.

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04.11.2012 , 08:13 AM | #705
Quote: Originally Posted by steamguard View Post
I have played SWTOR alone since day 1. The long cooldown time for using pots makes some missions insanely difficult to play without a party. What can I say, most of the time I play alone. And I like adventuring alone without anyone telling me where to go. Now I am really stuck and I believe I must play the mission I have now to continue. If I cannot find aomeone to help me. I will quit playing altogether.
You like playing solo, fair enough... me too.

BUT as you say 'makes some missions insanely difficult'... so you may have to team up for 'some' missions or not do them at all.

I'll give you an example: you'd say a sniper is a loner, right? (I'm talking RL not IA Sniper in SWTOR!)

He is nested down somewhere, he takes aim, he blows the bad guy to hell...

only problem: tunnel vision! He usually doesn't see what else is happening outside his scope vision both in the target area as well as around himself.

That's why he got a spotter with him. He is the guy who is supposed to check the area, designate the target, then keep an eye on the changing scene there.

Ever had the situation in SWTOR where you were taking on a mob and you were almost done with them but suddenly some wandering enemy just happens to come by and ruin your day?

Same tunnel vision: you were focused on your mob and failed to see that new guy stepping into range...

A group (or maybe even just another player) may have noticed him coming and either told you to shift your fight a bit or he may have been ready to assist in either quick-kill your mob or act as a barrier between you and the new guy.

So, in short: SWTOR is a multiplayer game, it's not a singleplayer game. Doesn't mean you can't play A LOT as a single, but you will have to accept that eventually the multiplayer aspect will come around and bite you in the arse when you are just going solo all the time.

Maybe some singleplayer game would be better suited for you?

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04.11.2012 , 12:07 PM | #706
Question for the devs. Did you fix the bug where neither you or your companion is in combat, but the game thinks that you are? That's going to be a problem if not.

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04.11.2012 , 01:10 PM | #707
Quote: Originally Posted by Occams_Razor View Post
"The game is full of bugs and therefore I can't complete content without being able to use medpacs on CD." Nope, many of us have, and not just uber-super-players. Casuals, like myself, who hasn't set foot in a HM Op.
You are assuming bugs make the game harder.

Maybe, just maybe, the bugs are what is making the game so easy for so many people?

How many times have you seen Full Auto from a mob end up being nothing but a 3 second root/stun? I don't pay full attention, and I see this at least once a session (about 1-2 hours of play.)

How many times have you seen the "Instant Recast" bug happen on a useless power? It is the bug where a special power is instantly recast over an over again until the player interrupts or the mob dies. (I even saw it start on Reload, of all things. Unfortunately, I was expecting Hail of Bullets after, so I interrupted right away.)

I am betting that most players hardly notice when things like this happen. They are certainly less obvious than the "teleport in" bug, or the "phoenix" bug. (Where, in the middle of a fight, one or more mobs "teleport in" - likely from another part of the map - or when you drop a mob there is a fully healthy identical mob still standing there, respectively.)

I can put this in perspective. For all those that are saying this is a good change, and that anyone who was counting on medpacks on cooldown are doin' it wrong, would you say the same if interrupts/stuns were changed to one per combat - global lockdown on all for a class? (I'll take full credit when/if BioWare incorporates this.)
I am betting the primary argument against this idea is that "interrupts/stuns are an integral part of game strategy." Yes, yes they are. So where medpacks - before this change.